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I this is on you. Want on one. We might have to rework that love. Because he's gonna be one onto today because we have two of the most committed robust freedom fighters who've agreed to come in studio today non other than mod retailer green and matt gaetz congressman congresswoman extraordinaire. Welcome in studio funky with you now. I know you initially extended the offer for one one. But i can't you know you don't want sonny without share. Are you gonna give out every background. We have people to name to get behind the scene. Said yes she'd come in. Would you come in. And then maybe both of you. Because you've been right. You've been doing this tour. We we've toured america. We've tried to prisons. We've tried to go in and justice and we seem to be on a tour of the united states congress in some ways because we're treating the job very differently than a lot of our colleagues southerners thursday last week. You guys tried to go into a prison and you were first time ever prevented from going. I mean usually not allowed to break out. Right right yeah. Usually people walked in prison but we were actually locked out of prison literally locked out. They locked the door okay. We're gonna talk about everything you're doing. Forty made a long list before we started first things i can. I tell you a little background story. Where if you guys to arrive and there's many reasons to like both of you We can talk about and we will through the hour but you know one of the greatest reasons we prepping doing. Pre-production eating a slice of pizza and one of my guys goes. This is gonna be a zoo in a few minutes because mt g. and gates arriving and their entourage is we don't have enough chairs and i thought entourage's that's not what i'm used to it. These guys this is in the swamp this is average politician horizon forty-eight handlers and everything and you ride both of you with one person one and then a few minutes later and not so your entourage was to people i think that hells you everything you need to know about these individuals okay. Let's start with. What i think is the most serious maybe tactical but it's the most serious issue. We have americans in prison in solitary accused of being an insurrection who are actually being charged with. What is it interrupting and official preceding and you try to see these people. Tell us what happened. When was there on thursday. You try to visit. So here's an important frame doctor who orca. Every month. In america members of congress tour detention facilities congresswoman green was just out one on the border. Democrats got to tour detention facilities during trump administration. Republicans have toured some detention facilities under the biden administration. This is not an unusual thing and so we wanted to see the conditions that the january six detainees. Were facing and really. It's an opportunity for us to see how the correction system is working more. Broadly we put a lot of money into that system through the first step back. And so this is part of congress's normal oversight phone side. We were called trespassers. Buy yes the authorities running the prison correct when we went into the lobby. We came and we instantly financial delegation congressional. Yes advanced not unannounced. Let them know we were coming. We have been sending letters asking questions for months. Now is a federal facility. Federal federal prison. Yes we got no answers so we decided we'll go ourselves. Let them know we were coming. We go into the lobby. Produced our identification. It was matt gaetz myself. Louie gohmert paul gosar producer. Identification showed them. We worked waited in the lobby and then they told us to wear masks. Of course we put on our masks and when a woman came out to speak with us she told us we were trespassing. As we're standing in the lobby that special told you from the prison that as congressional members you are trespassing on a federal facility paid for by us the taxpayer. I don't know who they think. Appropriate these funds but it gets even worse after. We were accused of traveling. Then we went outside. Oh yes yeah gore and we went outside just real quick man. We went outside to speak to the supervisor. We were told they were outside. When we went outside to the supervisor they locked the doors and would not let us back in. That's that is literally what happened at a federal prices legal tools you all supposed to have oversight as members of congress. The house has has oversight of spending. This is not just offensive to the four members of congress that went and attempted to conduct our official duties. it is offensive to the congress at large. Because what are you saying is that is that you don't have a right to see what the biden regime is up to behind closed doors. In normal circumstances. Republicans and democrats would join together to be offended by this and to take action against it. If you can't find out if you guys can't find out what's happening in a federal prison. Nobody can our concern for. I'm concerned for the entire prison population. Not just the january six detainees. I'm concerned for all of them. Because that prison is being run by people who were so defiant to members of congress. They call trespassers. And then lock us out and vote to fund their ruddy so then what isn't even more recent development. The dc department of corrections puts out a statement following our visit that in addition to lying suggests that we compromised the safety and security of the staff and of those who are at this particular facility just by showing up in seeking a tour the how is their facility so fragile that a two-hour would compromise the safety of the be shot down two on our members of congress with id's if all compromise the security of a of a prison right that members of the judiciary committee broncos are oversight committee. Louie gohmert judiciary. He's also a former judge his the next question. If you look on social media a lot of the seventy-three million who voted for donald trump have had it with the gop's and we wrote a letter to right. Okay so what happens next. Let's go back to why you went there. Why did we went bigger americans who are in solitary on trespass charge some of them grandmothers when. Blm antifa don't spend a day in prison well while canceling us online. While pursuing us in real life the biden administration also believes. They can ignore our questions so this wasn't just a suicide ponte visit right for months reasonable. Rational questions have been totally ignored. So the first thing we did was shocked the department of justice. Choose and we said. Hey look we only got five members of congress on the same shoes on the same thing to ask questions about the civil rights issues that that we were curious about they wouldn't even let congresswoman green in the lobby as there was a left wing mob assembling to threaten our ability to even make statements lately and i have to tell you sebastian as a woman and as a first time member of congress. I've never experienced that kind of treatment. I have so many death threats. It's unreal and the department of justice. Left us all out on the sidewalk. And i really was concerned for our safety as i was looking down each side each different direction of the sidewalk. Seen all of these leftists and activists coming in because we had put out a press. Release that we were going so that we could provide information to the press and share it with the american people. Well here comes all the leftists in the crazy activists that are paid and here. They're coming and they would. Not even i ask. Can we please wait in the lobby for security reasons and they would not even let us have anger. This is what i say. This is out of control. Total when a woman. I don't care whether it's a congresswoman or not..

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