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That's the define define talking about defining. They won the SuperBowl. That year the Heidi game. Was you know, when you were there really wasn't as great as, you know, would you heard know about social media? You know? One passed away right before New Year's. He. Yeah. But they're having some documentary about it. Now. He you know, he tried to get some help. And he was always in trouble. But he was a great wide receiver, man. Well, so the right. And that was that was lamonica to pretty sure. But the has that's the defying raider play to me gets Miami. That's outstanding. Thank you very much JT. Appreciate the phone. Call for me, and my phantom of the raiders the one that's going to carry with me. The franchise changing play for the Oakland Raiders. Yeah. I mean, I'd have to agree with JT. The c- hands. It's a really good one. I don't know though. Maybe maybe two thousand two has to be in that in that year when they went to the Super Bowl and lost the Tampa. Because that was that was such a weird. Such a weird situation, obviously with the Gruden being traded and now now looking fast forwarding to now in two thousand nineteen where the raiders are with Gruden. I think that though I'm trying to figure out the play though, what's the defining play of that year. I was at divisional game against the jets. I was at the conference championship game against the titans took rule. That's it. But that's it. It's a defining moment. That's the defining moment. Because with the raiders it's not going to be positive play with the raiders. It's always going to be a negative play. Because that's just how this franchise has been since they returned to Oakland in the mid nineties. It has to be the tuck rule is the defining Oakland Raiders. Oh, it changed. Everything it changed. Everything have launched the Brady and this run that they're on. Maybe Brady's run ends this weekend. And the patriots run ends this weekend with talks of gronk may be on the way to ten year deal for Jon Gruden absolutely. Did come back. That's the plates the tuck rule. So you wanna talk about Kayla Murray? I do want to talk about Carla Murray. I won't even better right now. Yeah. Yeah. You did. You reminded me. You reminded me you has a much something that would push calamari back later to the show. The Chicago White Sox in the last few days of sign yonder Lonzo and John J best friends of may Machado. And a brother-in-law is yonder Alonzo furhter Manny Machado. So they're trying to line up everything, you know, maybe convince him to come this way. Right. The Phillies in the last ten minutes just hired Bobby Dickinson. Who is his mentor in Baltimore. Who is the third base coach infield guy everything there. It was like the the one guy that Manny looked up to more. It's an arms race to see who can just supply enough. You know? Enough of his buddies behind. I mean, this is getting this is kind of funny. I was starting to like this. Comical so they can do next hiring family members. Yeah. Friends on the payroll. He's not signing your, dammit, you're under fire, you're fired immediately ASO. Bobby Dickerson is is new to the staff. He's not gonna I don't know if he's going to be in the dugout or anything, but they hired him. And that's all he needs. But that was mainly Machado's Mr. Miyake so to speak. See, okay. See I like that means. Yes, is it? I just think it's it's it's so funny. And it's so fickle. I think that I I think it's I think it's a great move. I think it's great strategy. Why not make them? You. Got the Phillies are in going into Vegas right now to meet with Bryce. Yeah. I mean what if tomorrow Manny decides what if on Saturday? Daily Donahue is is may Machado's agent. Scott Boras are always their rivals right in the ancient world their arrivals. I just want to know. If they have like the tannery in the first five minutes of the meeting did they say, Dan goes, and he calls up, I dunno Middleton or or Clinton, and he goes, hey, we're signing. What are the Phillies do? Do they drop everything and just say, you know, what Brice for out, right? Just want to come and tell you face to face wanted to buy a steak and lobster shake your hand and leave or do they stay there and say, all right? The school many sign with us you want to sign here to like you should have that contingent. I'm just wondering why would they have? I mean would that be tacky? No, I think they got up and left if they if Manny in the middle that middle that meeting just said, hey, this is what I want. I'm going to sign. Do they get up and leave or they stay maybe at a professional courtesy. Stay you. Stay you. Did it you did get them in the room? If you already have your decision. He's already signed. I would I would stay, but means going to be very short. It's not gonna be a five hour meeting. I mean, if I'm Middleton if I'm Clinton if I'm any mcphail, you know, what I'm doing to be honest with them. I be honest with them, and I'm gonna balance and I'm gonna go right to the slots. I'm gonna go right to the table in Vegas right now. I am headed you know, what fellas let us go. Celebrate got better with Saddam Hussein. I think it's not it's not a bad thing. I think it's awesome. How they're trying to load up this whole thing. Hey, isn't it all about making the guy comfortable that you're trying to schmooze them? You're trying to schmooze them and bring them into towns that he's comfortable when he wants to play well and perform well, and he wants to be there. We were just talking yesterday about that Bryce Phillies meeting in Vegas and how don't bring up the eagles. Cowboys don't bring that game at all. I like I like I no problem with those moves at all make the guy comfortable educators going to hire family members. If that's the right. You wanna take? Hey, more power to you. Try to get the guy tried to get your guy. I have no problem with that. I I just wish that the hot stove would move little it started to go Lowery going to the Mets today to your deal. What two year twenty mil Brody was his agent the whole time to Stanford guy. So it made sense to me. Why would they do that? Where's the guy that you absolutely raked your entire career Craig kimbrel? Where's he going? Oh my God. To bring that up. I was having a good day. I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings. Seventy good day. I was Craig kimbrel. Where's he going to go, dude? He's he's asked for one hundred million who's gonna give him that. No one. Yeah. You know, why have to price tag for Mr. kimbrel? I'm gonna say kenley Jansen. Yeah. Earliest chapman. I mean. They've been good since they've sign at great worth. One hundred million dollars lands on them. That might be the one that that is he the one wherever it's like how we don't give sixty million to closers anymore, and it has nothing to do with look. I'm all for it. I and I'm still I still absolutely back the giant signing Martin Milan. I wish we can argue on that. But I can't I defended that move when it happened. They needed a closer now defend that move. And now, it was unfortunate had to do it that he ended up being hurt. They had to do it. They had to do it. What happened the year before? Oh, yeah. They lost the cubs in the postseason. Now, we're talking about they couldn't close out games. Right. Blue Moore's September saves in anything. It was in. Everyone's mind they needed a closer kenley Jansen was not coming. Our oldest Chapman was not coming. They went for the third, and he was not that damn bad longtime art Lanson eight so convinced me, but I think that that is giving people a little bit of a little trepidation. Yeah. I mean, I hold holding back a little bit. Craig kimbrel has earned whatever he gets. And if anyone goes only overpaid for just look at his numbers his numbers were they are right now are better than where Marianna what never understood minus. Another person that people are he he over overpaid. That's what he's worth because that's what someone's willing to pay for him. Whatever someone's willing to pay you. That's what you're worth this, professionally of course, all complain about light trout still underpaid. Mike trout, Mike, my trash make fifty million dollars year. There's a great article today. I think it was BUSTER only that wrote about the arbitration process and everything's going to go on. I want to ask you about that. I'm confused about it. I wanna ask you about that coming up in a couple of minutes. That I won't get into it. Oh, good. Good. No new. Good good. Oh, yeah. All right. Franchise defining talk to crats to. Oh, you did. Yeah. About your money. Yeah. What did aircraft have to say? Hey, whatever's best for the franchise. I'm all in. He's such a good guy. He may have been so mad is a great interview. Eric a lot. I really do. All right. Let's go to Mike and brain with real quick. We'll talk about the franchise defining place. And then we'll we'll boogie what up Mike a how're you doing? See very good, sir. Well, I was listening, and then I what a great topic and Franny said that and it brought me back Tuesday night June twelfth. And I have no idea how the L I remember that night that day. That night before I lost my tickets to the game. They didn't sell on stop hub. And then I put him on sale for that Tuesday night. And at the last minute we were in concord. And I said, you know, what they're not going to sell the let's let's go to the game. And they were on always to the turnstile those tickets were on stubhub. They didn't sell. So I took them off and we walk in there. And I think that's I've been to some crazy places and seeing some crazy plays and crazy games. But I'll never forget that night. It was like a bomb with a long fuse lit, and it just kept going as Matt kept going hitless in that catch when that ball was hit and left center field. I had thought there was no way in heck that Block O was gonna catch that ball. And that's the only time I've ever been in that stadium is season ticket holder almost fell down. 'cause when he caught that that stadium was shaky. Unbelievable. And I'll never forget the ROY. War that night when he made that cat. Mike on believable. Mike, the that's your Robin Williams. Goodwill hunting moment, but you actually went to the game. Did you ever you ever? See that ever. See good will hunting. Yeah. You know, what he's talking about in wills like. I don't know. I didn't go, but you actually went that was your moment. You got to turn state. You went in you actually went and experienced that. That's awesome. You know, what's a trip is my second favorite play or not even second. I think it's probably tie for first. We weren't going to go to the game either. And at the last minute we went to the forty Niner Vikings game, and you guys can fill in the blank. Let's the great one Steve Young young run. What's with you? What's with what happens in your life that you have all these last minute change. Just remember the next time. You have a last minute change going to a game. Like record everything that's going on because I'm curious you you get tickets to these games. And then what comes up that? You can't happen that gets cancelled that allows you to go. I mean, I'm a season ticket holder from the forty Niners and the giants. And when you live in concord, you can't get to all eighty one game. So yeah. You have to sell some of them..

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