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We'll have the very latest new threats right after traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the tens John Morrissey jet copter. How's it going? It's going pretty good for us. I got a buddy back in Wilmington. He can't get to his house probably won't week or dude. Even see if it's blood or not. But you don't have any worry like that here. Nope. You've got a pretty decent drive going. But it is a crowded drive. We did have a couple of issues just hearing about an accident being called out on eastbound, I seventy Peoria on our way into KOA jet copter. I could see fire trucks rolling down Havana, getting ready to get on the highway otheir headed that way to you've also got some lights that have been kind of on and off being on and off some malfunctioning lights. Sometimes you're malfunction except I'm not on Wadsworth right there at the at the boulder turnpike causing delays when they malfunction treat that as before we stop if you get up on and they're flashing red. Your to seventy drive is heavy in both directions. Already. Lot of traffic out this morning. Eastbound I seventy six is looking good that westbound. I seventy six drive is real slow coming down through commerce city and onto I twenty five and it's getting to be a busy drive down down got cherry creek dam road closed again this morning a lot Bill that to sneak into the Czech center. The back way if you will. So that's gonna. To put extra pressure on Parker road and extra traffic on two to five again this morning causing an extra slow drive out of Aurora. This report is sponsored by Aerotech, recruiting and staffing. Need to help. Need need help finding new job or what is dug up on to get Aerotech? Recruiting stabbing is your connection to the top local employers immediate openings available in customer service warehouse. Production and more applied now at Aerotech dot com slash radio. Next update six thirty KOA..

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