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Because all will ever know for certain about the catacombs is that the in numeral mysteries they hold will remain forever unknowable and perhaps for our sake they should thanks for listening to haunted places don't forget to subscribe to haunted places on apple podcasts tune in google play soundcloud stitcher or any other podcast directory if you like what you here leave a fivestar review more tell us what you think on social media were on facebook and instagram at par cast and twitter at par cast network it seems simple but it really helps our show a new episode comes out every other thursday we'll see you next time haunted places was created by max cutler it's the production of color media at as part of the park cast network it's produced by maxx and run cutler sound design by ron shapiro with production assistance by maggie admire and carli matt haunted places has written by jc held rich i'm greg paulson didn't get your fill of frights while you're in luck you can find the next episode of haunted places one week early on to an end and it's absolutely free just search haunted places in the free to an an app four go to tune in dot com slash haunted places.

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