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The problem someone who truly understands the problems of. The world I am not the expert geopolitics on this issue in someone who low key doesn't like. The Jews what people are starting, to see at least in in the occupation of Palestine is just an increasing crisis of. Humanitarian conditions the future of the progressive movement in America is in the hands of Alexandria, Cossio? Cortes right because we look at these figures and, we'll, say oh unemployment. Is low everything, is fine Right well unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs so. If you're a democrat make sure, to donate all your money terror campaign and defend everything she says I am not the. Expert geopolitics on this issue even when what she says is really really really. Stupid while, unemployment? Is low because everyone has to jobs Alexandrio Cossio, Cortes, the future of. The democrat party The Republican party So I. Would be curious I want you to say it out loud there in your vehicle there in your office there in, your living room they're, in your shop What is the name of the individual who, is challenging Greg Abbott So that a democrat. Would go back into the governor's office? In the state of Texas what is the name of the nominee I will tell you that, it was a hard-fought democrat, primary and former governor Mark white son Andrew. Ran and very telegenic very smart close ties, to the business community he would have. Been a very difficult opponent but that's not who, the Democrats wanted they wanted Lupe Valdez and even the Houston chronicle, which has a tendency to tell us right up until an election. How excited they are about whatever Democrats gonna get, slaughtered in November even they can't muster any. Excitement for Lupe Valdez a sanctuary city lesbian woman out, of Dallas So in. An article about her they spend most of the, time talking about Wendy Davis Michael berry show Please clap My friend Andy Jackson owns and runs a cool. Little company it's an. Asphalt company they, do driveways, big stadiums and and medical centers and strip centers. Retail centers and the thing that's cool about it is they can do the biggest project you can imagine and they have they've done stadiums that you've, been to but you're going to get the owner Andy on the phone when you call and that's who you're going to. Deal with and that's. Pretty cool, seven, one, three, six seven three seventy five eighty two south Tech's. Asphalt services this is sheriff fryer fem Houston's morning news liking us, on Facebook actually put some useful news in your news feed if you.

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