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Is it different to play the fretless? Think you know but I liked it and. The cheapest based. On Sarah Sears Auto money my mum games money to learn documents studies path Electrobi- buildup over his base of western Sunday. One a nicer not an expensive base. Decent pickups and get away with us. Tonight Oh my gosh that's awesome. Yeah, but there was no even done the audition and got up and at. The tour nobody said. No considered Golden Gig I mean. He, let you sweat it out for a while. It was. As informants. Very forgiving ready for I'm biking imagine. So. When you doing, we're recording Manic Nirvana did you know that you were going to be a permanent part of the band at that point? Where did you we? As a session thing well. Walls. Disarm when they said within ZANU ALBUM WHEN? You play by to New London. New. Up to London. and. That was a I was. On you. Have to work for not record or newell hats made that. For story must show for in the this ain't GonNa pay for hotels and all that stuff I had to be a and so then moved to London. Concentrated on that and got a few of the sessions come Williams doing that. Oh. Cool. Anything that we recognize. Some stuff pretenders but that didn't get used still it's awesome yet it was good. It was great with. Saying. Go Pat I. Think it was Chris. Could musicians on the are enjoyed doing that. The other thing In. The middle of doing, monnet? NAVONNA? What was very different MLS. Wall. Really changed the dynamic for everything be initially fluky about his shelter is. Carmen. and. I made like lovell extended fortunately. Mutual. Yeah. So she was living at the time. So I had the road, a road must. So one day in the she. Has Tribes. Inside the eyesight the was doing now. Is Tricky. So years had a ton of fly low for a little while. It was complex and compare. The fact of the mice wars I wasn't thinking I. was you know? Was was what was going on and Just went with it, but it didn't make touring that particular all they're often. It did make placings homeplace. I didn't. SEE FROM A. Common Answer, of course. They really over yeah. But nevertheless, you know had a very thick skin and and you know I wasn't really careerist who dots me. Doing. Crazy a lot. Of you've seen. That at that point you know. You're you're young you know you weren't. Thank. You just just doing doing. Dust away whenever Roberts Even those difficult he he's Going he likes the he's in realist estate and he likes the real great. You know. So he's not GonNa Serve Me Start. Arching he likes the great he's an, and so we got a we got on well me and Wilbur both but that was different to change I mean in a way if you wanted a tool. Realistically as a Bass Player always from being me Charlie. Jones the Base Pledge Charlie James, the son-in-law in the bond, and that's that's a strange. The oldest CADILLACS, but in terms of deception. Expired Ach can imagine yeah. You know that that's got to be tough and it especially, if you know it's it's a legitimate. You know you're just trying to date his daughter to stay in the band or anything you know it there's roper. Is is show way not saying. Nick. Exactly, so we're I so when when you has approached recording Manic Nevada, was there a specific effort to not try to sound like John Paul Jones or feel scrag or Paul? Martinez? Did he want. A little harder.

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