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He is president and Kohner of the S. L. AFC franchise which is now become the franchise in the MLS. He is also my buddy former Executive in the NBA. One of the smartest guys I know. Let's bring him on Tom Pan yes. Tom Third Consecutive Year L. Afc we're still doing Saturday right. Yes Okay Okay. So third straight year. You're sold out by the way Nashville. Introduces a team. This year right in this league. Am Atlanta Atlanta in Seattle are massive crowds? Yes it shocked the world on Atlanta South like soccer. So Miami David Beckham's team and Nashville are introducing new teams and the prediction in the League is Nashville is going to be the next. Atlanta Seattle and forty eight thousand people be honest in the league. Were you shocked when the South not only like the sport loved the sport that many people yeah when it became that big seventy thousand people if you look at Atlanta's statistics they're like top ten globally in attendance year. 'cause the building so big right. It's awesome what's happened in Atlanta and in the deep south you know that's kind of a college football college. What's all college football all the time but yeah everybody including? I think if they're honest everybody was surprised at the amount of fervor with that many people in that market yeah. I've said this before it works in Kansas. The markets it works and we would know it would work in Seattle which in International Markets New York Los Angeles. It's you guys sell out every game. I've said before I'm a season ticket holder. It is the best single season ticket in Los Angeles. And I've told you that before it is my I have friends fighting for my tickets and it's fascinating I got Nomar Garciaparra behind me will ferrell up there. It's crazy it's just insane. It feels very German. Very European. It's loud it's crazy it's nuts but it is remarkable to watch hidden Orlando and Kansas City and Atlanta. And I guess my question now is with the MLS. What's the next step? You have clearly academies that work cities that work your stadiums are are smart. They're refined they look unlike baseball. I don't see empty seat. It's like a bar. I WANNA walk into. What is the next step for the League. I biggest international success so we played in the Champions League last night and we're competing against the best teams from Mexico. Yeah in CONCACAF. All the North America Central America Caribbean the best teams combined. We all go at it and your L. AFC last night needed to beat win by three goals. Yeah we had to score three at home because we had to open in Leon and you see that. We ended up scoring three in a row. Well three goals through the night. Unprecedented never happened before it was a Beautiful Night Vale slots this one in to tie it. He's the MVP and then Rossy scores this ridiculous goal where he hits this floater. Look at US watches. Bang Bang offer the Post. The post in it was just spectacular. So we need as a league as soon as we win Champions League annex because no American teams ever want it. It should flip a switch and we should be viewed. Our brand of football is a beautiful brand of football right now and it will capture people's attention particularly with the star power. We have. Yeah we for folks are wondering th th the English premier league. Epl Is certainly the most profitable. It's it's the most financially successful. There's Lalita is the Spanish league is very good at the top average. There's the German league German league solid. Maybe not as great at the top but better at the bottom. So you want to do is create this league on an international level. Can it be a top? Six Seven. League? That's kind of the goal for you. You Win the Championship Cup. You feel. You're there yeah. We're already in the top. Six seven for sure but the trajectory for the League is up because of the power the might of the American marketplace. I mean nobody does sports better than America. We all know that and this the world's game as well it's arrived in the world city of Los Angeles and it's on a rocket ship in America and the rest of the globe. Knows it's coming because there's just so much there's so much wealth and business sense and just organizational principles rule of law. All that in America is different than a lot of these other places on move you or an NBA executive and this this is just. These are topics that are. They're human topics you're the sixers you have embiid. And you have Simmons and they don't get along. You're an executive for them. My arguments always been. It's become a shooters league. Ben Can't shoot but he can get the ball to shooters and he's less injury prone embiid's clearly today the greater talent. Have you ever been in an organization where you had to great players and you decided you knew analytically? It doesn't work. What what are you? Go through what. What's the what in the marketplace. What would you choose and why because you want like West? Broken hardens fun to watch. That means GONNA win and may well the way I sort it and rank. It is sort of all unroll definition. Who's your best player going to be? And what do you want your best player to represent so I believe that embodied is the better more talented player to your point. I just don't know that he's your lead lead guy because you don't see a level of professionalism level of just bringing it every day a level of representing specifically what you want things steph curry the way. He just defines exactly what they're about he feels like Silicon Valley the warriors he defined totally finds them work ethic to in the way he just in the way he plays with joy they all fall in line there right so. I don't know that you can build unless embiid has a shift in his approach if he were to shift. He's Kinda playful at the wrong times you know. He's he's not serious at the wrong times stuff like that just resonates versus being in it to win it and drive in the rest of the team. So that's what I would look for in the first leader of the team. And in a way simmons brings a lot more of that you just hit on the fact he can't shoot and he hasn't really been able to develop that and. I think his stroke is solid enough. You just WANNA see him. Let it rip a little bit more Lebron James in his seventeenth year. A couple of nights ago against Zion he had seventeen fast-break points. It wasn't the point that was seventeen. Fast break it was what the kids call a flex. I WanNa Talk About Zion. Though so it was. It was the rare draft where there were two sort of. CaN'T MISS GUYS. We Know Zion's different and we know John mirant special. Those are those are the easy ones when you get to pick in the NBA draft. Ben Guys in your space argue. It's funny about Zion. Though I'm gonNA throw something everybody keeps telling me. He's got lose weight and my takeaways. Want you stop him first before you lecture on Dieting Tournament Jenny Craig. One If you had Zion. And he's doing what he's doing points per minute points per touch lead the NBA Pretty Awesome Diaz scale back on the Diet lectures. Maybe this is who he is Tom. Well it's more for the longevity of it all. I mean this is where you're thinking about preserving that body and you look at the Modern Day. Nba The amount of mileage. He's about to put on literal mileage. Says he's Bolton up and down that court. I think you're GONNA want him to be leaner and a little thinner and if he can drop a little bit all the great players. We see go through cycles. Kobe at times would put on weight and lose weight. Lebron's Dennis Braun has done this recently. So you see them all go through that Cycle Zion's just so darn big so darn early. I think you'll see him. Find a way to lean up a little bit more. But he's a kid you know it's like talk in any other eighteen. Nineteen it's like nobody. I wasn't worried about my weight at that age. No matter what I was invincible I was once in a Taco Bell. Drive through and Andre Agassi just WANNA tournament. He was front of me and he's like I just WanNa tournament like Taco Bell. Okay you're like twenty two years old. What am I going to say Tom? Perez joining me. He's the president of the analytics or fascinating And I I'm a believer in. I don't want to be tone deaf but I don't Wanna be paralyzed by numbers. I'm dealing with men Alpha males. Okay you can tell me Serena Williams analytically Serena Williams's star and I'm going to tread lightly when I'm dealing with stars so in baseball right now strikeouts no longer are a curse ground balls are a curse so everybody swing for the fence in the NBA. You can't shoot. You can only have one of those on the floor. Click Capellas good player. Can't shoot. He's out in the NFL. We're seeing more third and three's a passing down under running down to soccer. Have an analytic. Is there something out there? Is there a fundamental cultural change or is it the beautiful game and its simplicity? Almost punctures analytics. I'm not aware of one. That's corollary to what you were saying there. 'cause I've never heard one talked about in. This game has been around forever and so there's a certain it's more about the rhythm tempo and your style of play with Bob Bradley. Our head coach has established. Is this get after you press up on you constant pressure in the other zone? Move the defensive line higher and create more scoring chances. He likes to attack through the middle. Not from the outside. Looping it in all those sorts of stylistic things if you have the talent that matches it it's sort of like shooting threes versus playing a ball control offense in basketball but I mean this is different. There's more purity to this. Which is part of the beauty of the sport is it hasn't changed a heck of a lot and I don't know of any analytical measure like you're talking about that sort of flipping the switch Wendy. You were very interesting though when you were leaving the NBA. And you're a thinking person you had a couple of your draft picks remember. You talked to me about Kevin Durant when I was Kinda rolling my eyes. He couldn't bet one eighty year like he's going to be a star and I'm like I know but it's fun so but the the analytics were starting the smart people were listening when you jettison the NBA. Did you ever think the three point shot would get to this because it was on the precipice it was it was it. Was it there yet. Or we're steph not quite it. Wasn't there yet now when I left it. Wasn't there yet. It was it was just starting to be talked about the effective field. Goal percentage and the and the the sort of more the analytical way of understanding a three really counts more than two in that you know that just sounds stupid what I said but you know what I mean it was like it was becoming embedded then. What really changed was the rule changes the inability to hand check the ability to guard anybody and then they off. The smart offensive coaches opened up the middle and created this just and then everybody started practicing it to the point where it is amazing. This year I have noticed a handful of three point shooters. Tom Take a step back. Yeah it was the twenty three footer. And now it's often the twenty five footer. Like I've seen some three point shooters I saw. Lukudu this the night and I'm like Oh lord is he closer to half court or like the great ones are moving back now. It's just because they practice them all the time too and it's really amazing. I mean you're trying to make one of those have. It's it's amazing what they're able to do step in that back and they look like they're going in when those guys lineup all right. You were the best team in the league last year. Didn't end the way you wanted to L. AFC third consecutive year season tickets have sold out. That doesn't mean they don't have tickets though. It is amazing. I'm a season ticket holder. Tom Pen he's the CO owner and the President of the Los Angeles Football Club. Beautiful Logo Unbelievable Stadium. And that's great senior great to see you all right take a break back in the second the be sure to catch live editions of the heard. Weekdays at noon eastern nine am Pacific. It's great to have you in the NFL. Combine there's a lot of pushback I like to a more than Joe Borough. But they're both good prospects. I think Justin Herbert's better.

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