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Gotta go got we've got nine minutes of the ball and now we gotta go. But if i was talking junk we wouldn't have to go all your people. Were people all right. Separate separating any by just separated may issue. Would african americans have events. Ninety percent of the people that i've seen and i've seen even on tv has been of african american. Who said you don't see many other. Voters supported african american events. You don't see it but yeah we be where everybody we do support everybody. That's why we always visits because we support back do but other races down. It's just that simple like you can't get upset because we feel as and you stay. Thank thank you. It is absolutely too. I was married to a reagan. I've met many different festivals. A yeah guess. What me is all out of blackbox there but when black half festivals and whatnot ages or or other races. They know when you are totally qualified for this discussion. This which one still to squeeze alley ways. Manning's dave mexican praise. And that's why i say i hang out even got a few associates. I still hang out with their anyway. No no we're done okay. we dont. You can't get upset when someone is in their. By sever we wouldn't really say don't joke goes where he marie saying. Never said that. Not bubby hold this shays bit before.

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