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The plan for one hundred million dollar elevated expressway across the bottom of Manhattan, the road known as the lower Manhattan expressway have been in the works since one thousand nine hundred forty one it was supposed to link the Holland tunnel on the city's west side with the Williamsburg and Manhattan bridges on each side. Slicing right through the neighborhoods known as Tribeca and SoHo commission behind the plan kept fighting for the highway until nineteen sixty nine when New York governor Nelson Rockefeller declared the lower Manhattan was safe from the highway for good. This week in nineteen seventy seven Saturday Night Fever pop culture juggernaut had its world premiere at Mann's Chinese theater in Los Angeles. The music complemented the action and Saturday Night Fever as perfectly as if it were written for the movie, even though most of it wasn't in fact, other than staying alive and Night Fever every song that appeared in Saturday Night Fever had been written recorded, and in some cases released before the film ever went into production and this week in the year two thousand General Motors, declares that it will begin to phase out the one hundred and three year old Oldsmobile brand. The oldest automotive brand in the United States old cars were the first to have fully automatic transmissions, but a GM reorganization in the mid eighties at drained, the brand of most of its unique identity. That's your look back at this week in history. The latest developments on the biggest stories plus analysis of what they mean to you. Stay informed with Vicki McKenna on NewsTalk eleven thirty w I s. Good afternoon. Welcome to the show. I'm Vicki McKenna. Newstalk eleven thirty W. I S N. We're going to talk about the.

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