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She joins an independent candidate, Jonathan Wickman, who's running for the Republican nomination. Also another number of other candidates. Bilma Caution is considering a run long time politico here in Wisconsin. Kevin Nicholson, who ran for Senate lost in the primary to Leah book Mere in 2018 also mulling Run for governor or potentially Senate if Ron Johnson decides to run for a third term next year. Johnson, of course, is still undecided. We will talk with Rebecca Kleefisch coming up about an hour from now Also special edition of Forgotten History Coming up at about 10 20 right before our interview with Becky Kleefisch. As we are just two days away from the 20th anniversary of 9 11, a story of sacrifice of duty and of heroism that you might not have heard in the history books. We went to last night to meet the teacher event at my Kids Middle school. And in both his English and social studies classes. They're doing things on 9 11, and what really struck me was that his English teacher said that what if his assignments my sons was going to be interviewing somebody who was alive? 9 11. And it was yet another reminder that these kids who are 13 14 years old. Were born. Six years after the twin towers fell that in order to get that sort of perspective, that immediacy of what 9 11 means. They need to talk to someone older than them. In fact, I believe I saw a statistic that 100 million people a third of this country. Was born after 9 11. 9 11 in the 20 years, since it happened has has really in a very real sense become history. It's sort of like for those of us in my generation, the older millennials The Kennedy assassination is something we only learned about in history books. It happened about 20 years after I was born. Same thing with Pearl Harbor. Those seminal moments eventually become historical events. That are taught about in history books. But coming up at 10 20 a story that you might not have heard a story that you've likely heard in the media for the past couple of days is a bit of fearmongering about the rate of covid cases. Among Children. MSNBC's morning, Joe this morning about one in four new coronavirus cases are now in Children. Boy that's really different from the first wave, isn't it? Let him back to school with the delta variant, and there you go, especially in Florida without masks. NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders has more the return to the classroom potentially dangerous with a quarter of all new covid cases. Now Children and with families at odds over how to keep their kids safe. The battle over masks still raging with a judge ruling Florida must stop enforcing mask bands a major blow to Republican governor Rhonda Santa's. This is what hurts communities we see dictatorial like Behavior is what he's doing. Also in Miami, a start warning from the school superintendent after three teachers and 10 other school employees died from Covid since school began, all of them unvaccinated the narrative about mandatory mass policies or the the Elimination of those have been absolutely political in nature, and that quite frankly as an educator as a father, It bothers me because Children should not be political ponds and this political chess game and we need to get past that. Yeah,.

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