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Uber. Really? Because kind of in the middle of the sticks. His. Well. A lot of drivers cancel when they realize how far they have to drive, right, Jerry hill. So that's a ride right? Offer verse. Enrage moat. That they had to be there. Right. That's the only place that they would be. They were in couch in couch. Inside like where the springs and cushions are. Oh, man inside. You must have really slept. Their way into there. There was like a slight. Paper. About. Yeah. So. Super angry. I just. Shook the couch around and I heard them. So I took a knife to it and. I slash the couch, but got the keys good stuff. Like that. Going home now. Get me the Cutler sallies in Tom's river. No sally. You gotta solution. And how to find the keys. What do I do? What I do is Craig's Saint Anthony lasts. A he always helps me sometime to take a little longer. Last week. My son. Jeez. House, and I was up there and his two little ones. We shoulda prayer. What do you know five minutes later found? Sally lets you would be right now. Go to pray together. Okay. Yeah. Go ahead ready. Good. I want you to for you to do it come up. You know what? All I do say Anthony, I need you again. Get on your knees and helped me find my whatever it is that I lost and rive so much better. Saint Anthony, I need you again on your knees and find my keys, right? I said I'm sorry bothering you. But please. Help me find whatever it is that I'm looking for. And always does a Amen. Thank you. Sally. See that. She that. Now. Now, we got Saint Anthony on the case love this one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five. All right. Let's talk to Eddie's in Manville, New Jersey one point five. Hey, eddie. Hi, Steve, you know, this just happened to me last week. But I've lost things in the past. I mean here and there I've lost things always found them. But this really really devastated may I had my girlfriend's staying over one night and recycling was supposed to be put out the next morning, and I had gone to her place. I went and I picked up her recycling cans and paper and all that jazz. And I brought it back to my place. And I knew that I was going to separate the two, you know, two things out and and put it out that night for the next morning. And I always give her back her keys when I come back home. But for some reason, I didn't. And I totally forgot about it. The next morning. Well that night I put out the recycling. So that next morning, she's asking for her keys, and I said did not give them to. She goes. No. And I'm looking on the table. Looking all over the house. And it's one of those keys that it's a key fob and not only was. To keep your car, but all the house keys. Oh, no. Were attached onto that too? So I'm going outside of frantic. I'm thinking, oh, maybe I left it in the car because I took my car to her place. No, it's not in the car. And then it dawned on me, and I did one of those grab your face like home alone. Oh my God. I know what I did. When I was shaking out the bag that had the cans into the recycling container that had to be I remembered at that point that our house, I put her keys into the bag. And I knew that when I got home when I was going to separate it. I would have and be able to take her keys out. But that didn't happen. I let all the cans drop into the Ken recycling. That's where it went. But I I was still frantic thinking. Okay. I'll pray at that. He just likes Sally before. And I'll find it. But no, I even went and took a drive to the recycling plant. Hey. Thought that they had something there that like magnetically? What pulled? Belong. But no goes now, the guy goes sorry that stuff's already been put on back loader and put on a pickup truck and take down somewhere the fan. Boy who knows where that is now. So I felt so bad. But luckily, luckily, luckily, I had an extra set of keys for her car. I don't have to buy a new one. But still you don't have a second set to easy. I had I had a second set of key is when we lost the second-set. We'll like, that's okay. We'll just be extra careful with this set that didn't work out too. Well, I wanna know two eight three one and one point five Gary hang on give you more time. Have you ever lost your keys were you ever able to find them because I lost my keys, and I've looked everywhere. I've been prayed the Saint Anthony, you got any ideas. And how it could find them on eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five. Did you look at the Twitter? Did you see real? I saw I. I saw I didn't get a chance to listen. I I saw the. I'm going do it after this newscast. Steve my reaction today. Seven thirty. Always play Saint Anthony. Now, the latest New Jersey news from nj one zero one five dot com. New report recommends creating a savings.

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