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Clarify what i mean by complicating our idea of authentic that chili powder in the carolyn curry it's there because the portuguese set up shop in india and the sixteenth century to establish his spice trading route they planted chilies from south american forever changed the national cuisine of india atlanta based chef asha gomez is a proponent of carell and regional food that explodes the ubiquitous north indian by way of uk curry's there were used to eating in north america she's able to bring the food of her south western indian state into conversation with southern food in parts of the particular neediness of corral and christine her pork vindaloo among corden red and green bean open faced sandwich is a marriage made possible by historic movements of international trade dice bork movement and crucially the innovation of a singular chef trade and colonial exploitation tend to be historical bedfellows so would be beyond naive to look at those portuguese chilies gift for to see the complex rice dishes from persia that indian cooks reshaped into brioni for the mughal courts as an example of purely positive cultural exchange still these one time interlopers are embedded in dishes that define present day cuisines in the subcontinent and across the dice borough part of what we taste are these stories of exploiting and exchange so yes brioni and caroline fish curry authentically indian precisely because these dishes are the results of a country and it goes zine that has long been in conversation with the world.

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