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So Justin Fairfax. Now, they got the racist and the sexual assaulter here. And standing in line behind them is the democrat attorney general, Mark herring. I'm thinking he's the one that sabotaged Justin Fairfax and brought that story back to life because he's next in line to be governor. So in northern resigns because he's wearing a Klan uniform and medical school, and when Justin Fairfax resigns because the sexual assault, and I have an update on that. Because the woman accusing the college professor and Kennedy excuse me, John Kerry staffer who says that Justin Fairfax sexually assaulted her at the democratic convention in two thousand four she has hired a law firm, and the law firm that she's hired is the same law firm that Christine Blasi Ford hired. Everybody's got to have a big Washington law firm and the same lawyer, Deborah cats that represented Christine Blasi fort so more fun ahead with that. I think that we're looking at a cash payout. Kevin pretty soon. And the news media, you see, you know, there's. Is this you have to believe the women. I'm sure that Justin Fairfax believed during the cabinet hearings that you had to believe the women back. There are reports that he said you have to believe the women, but I can't find him anywhere. But he's democrat. And I know that all the Democrats in unison, they never deviate from the party line said that you have to believe the women. But of course, when Keith Ellison is accused of beating women the women are no longer believed in the Washington Post. No longer believes them in the Washington Post really doesn't cover the story. And when Justin Fairfax has accused the Washington Post already knew they already had this story year and a half ago, and they decided that there wasn't enough meat on the bone so to speak to publish the story. And so they didn't whereas with cavenaugh corroboration was not the standard during the cavenaugh hearings. It was just whatever the democrat party told them to do..

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