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Was probably becoming predictable and then when the players start to smell it then you really have to make a move. You like they were traveling. When the heroics of this effort came into play in Toronto Connor mcdavid goal versus the Toronto. Maple leaves on Monday. I know you've seen it obviously multiple times. I mean when you see once you've got to watch it a dozen times just to to make sense of what connor mcdavid did Morgan Riley and the impact. He finishes in in scoring an unbelievable unbelievable goal. You know we use goal of the year as as Cliche but I mean this one has to be an early. Favourite candidate is hitting the hot for two thousand twenty. I assume something might be able to challenge it but the sheer brilliance of what he did at the speed he did against the defenseman. That is a hell of a player and Morgan Riley. Now you put it all together and I mean it was. It was a thing of beauty it really was and I did watch it. I was on the plane I saw you know on on twitter and then I watched it again and then I watched it at home and like one of the things I was most terrified of in the NHL was getting a pass. And then having a one on one against the defenseman. Because I knew I could never beat him. No matter who was back there was no chance that I was going to be able to get around this guy. And then you got the whole rink looking at you like this kind of embarrassing. Because I can't get by the guy that guys were good and I can't get by him. That's not my game and he took it and just undressed riley like it was spectacular. I mean the edge work this. Yeah the deception. It was all there is. It was a thing of beauty. His level of confidence mirrors his athleticism and creativity. I think that's why I expect the unexpected now and as as glorious as that goal was and it probably will be the the goal of the year. I'm waiting for the next one because I know there's going to be a next one from Connor mcdavid. I. I can't debate it. I just I'm trying to figure out how could look if a better his ability to go super fast in one direction and then changed. Directions without losing speed is astounding. I would say is I think about the changes in the game with the players. That ability across the board is has grown more and more to the player's ability to change direction on their edges without losing speed. We couldn't do that. We could change directions but it took a lot lot more time than this. I mean that that stuff is broken. Thinking of the guys I think a Jack Eichel how he changes directions right like these. You can go across that nate McKinnon like then of course Mick Davids the. It's the prime. He's he's number one at at all. Well Wayne Gretzky perfect seat in Toronto. Watching that game no question. He was out of his seat in celebration in the Mcdavid goal he`ll. He'll join us on the rain rigs hockey podcast. Coming up shortly. speaking of greatness. And you know it's it's a category that we have to put mcdavid in now. Obviously Wayne Gretzky for many top of the list. Alexander Ovechkin Ray. Six hundred eighty four goals scored two against the Ottawa. Senators in our wrote of the sense Earlier in the week. I mean it's conceivable now tied for eleventh. All Time in goals was six hundred. Eighty four with James Salani. It is conceivable is it. Not that he could. He could catch Gretzky's eight hundred ninety four. Now there's a two hundred ten goal gap as we're recording the podcast here. Who which isn't chump change by any means. But are you a believer that it could be done? He's thirty four or do you just get. It's it's an impossibility at this stage. I don't think it's an impossibility in the reason I don't is because obese game in my opinion will age pretty well because he'll still be able to get to the front of the net not as often but he's still going to wait two hundred and thirty pounds. He's still going to be a horse. He's going to get in there. You can stand there like a statue in the left circle and score ten to twelve goals. A year can score thirty year. Thirty five goals a year. We have another fifty goal year. Pass this one in. Because he's GonNa need a year or two. That are big ears. Yeah so what does he have now? Does he have twenty nine. Twenty eight something like that. Yeah we don't want to say twenty six. That sounds right. I think he was twenty four going into that Ottawa game. So is going to be near fifty again you know. Can he do it again? One more time that that's going to be critical to whether he can score of these two hundred ten goals you know. He's going to have to have one big year. He's going to have to average near thirty five goals a year. It's possible I hope he gets close and I think Wayne would hope gets close to because the excitement for the game would be astounding like the records that could be challenged. Just think the most all time goals that that would be amazing. Now Wayne is both most humble person. You can come across but I would never cheer for anybody to break my record away. Plus Stamkos has as four hundred nine plus. Now he's all right right and I saw. Her name was was was an achievement. No question yeah. I saw this thing like He was You know it was quite a milestone for him you know. He was really excited about passing it. I was hoping it was going to go into a six year slump. Be Honest with you. I'm sure you were by the way one thing about lovie because I think he's GonNa get close. I'd like you'll be in the ballpark anyway. Put it that way whether he gets there or not. I guess is is. It's you know we'll we'll we'll find out but it's astounding. He did this. You know the the number of goals he's got to tie Salani. That's three hundred less games. I know and also think about three hundred less games. Amazing what he's done well and that's six hundred and eighty four goals in eleven hundred twenty nine games and again just as a as a point of Reference Wayne Gretzky scored eight hundred ninety four goals in fourteen hundred and eighty seven. Nhl Game Salt provided over. You can stay healthy. Obviously you know we're saying he's got a chance Let's kick over the Montreal Canadians. Wrap up top five rape. They lost to the Detroit Red Wings on Tuesday. Seven-game winless earlier. This season are seven-game winless. Now as we're recording earlier this season they went through an eight game winless stretch. They've now lost to the Detroit Red Wings three times this year. They could miss the playoffs for the fourth time in five years can can you make sense of this because the market in Montreal is getting warm right now and starting to point fingers and call out names? Well I can make some sense of it on a couple of things that that really are tied together. Montreal doesn't have offense that's GONNA come from explosive players guys that can change the game. Standalone player you know. Their offense has to be across the board right. It has to be depth. It has to be one through four lines. They have to play really near the top of their capabilities to be a successful team while Joel. Armenia has had a fantastic area thirteen goals last year. Got Eleven now. And then he's out along with Brendan Gallagher you know. They're they're top score along with Paul Byron along with Jonathan Drouin. Who had been playing terrific hockey? So you ask any team or look at any team. They take four of their top nine. Four words out of the lineup. They got problems. If you don't have guys that can carry your team while then you got even bigger problems. That's kind of where Montreal is offensively more Berge and the GM said look. We want to stay in the race until the end of the month and we get healthy. I don't even know if they're in the race. Still no you know and so we can look at the immediate and then if you go back and take a look at their draft choices in the first round only from two thousand nine to two thousand fourteen with the trade of Michael McCarron Nashville. Six straight first round picks and they don't have anything for it not so good and those those guys are between twenty eight or twenty nine and twenty two at this point like. That's that's safe. Four of those six picks work you know and there's Nikita sure back and Louis Leblanc back in the day and Michael mccaren you know or those are three of them and they just Jared tenacity is another. They just haven't worked for them and they're paying the price for that So would you be among the chorus of preaching patients or do you think? Berge has to step up even as difficult as it is to make meaningful trades in season. It can be done. Otherwise have done it. He's done it. Would you be patient and allow the Montreal Canadians to meander forward? Missed the playoffs again. And do their work in the off season. Or would you be one would be preaching for Change at the state why? I don't think they can make anything happen right now. That will change the season. The only way I'd make a significant move now as if it if it has benefit going forward the problem Montreal has talked about the first round. Picks they've got some really good young talent and then they carry price Shea Weber in the middle part of that is really where the issue start to sit so. I don't know if you've ever tried to do two things at the same time. It never works no right. You're looking for your keys in your conversation. Now you forget what you're talking about is you're looking for your keys or you go to pick up your keys. And you forget the conversation when you straddle the fence you can catch yourself right in the middle do exactly. And that's where they are. They've got these. You know these stud older players in price who by the way has been not even average this year. His statistics are not even average and Shea Weber had a fantastic year. You've got them at one end of the roster then you've got a bunch of young guys that just doesn't work. They're trying to get younger and better. And then they've got these there twenty million dollars tied up in two players. I don't know how you make a meaningful trade now to fix that but getting into the draft. They've got to use some of their cap space. They could take players on that. Other teams are looking to create cap space with. Yeah you might be able to get high price player from somewhere else because they can afford it rather teams can't do that good stuff rape. We've got Wayne Gretzky. The great one coming up on the Rangers Hockey podcast. And of course a little bit later a weekly staple throat punch ask gray and grades.

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