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In this episode we've followed the volusia and of the dossier tax a problem that accompanied the internet since its very beginning we've seen how diaz attacks went from being a semi legitimate tool for social protest to becoming a problematic toy in the hands of board teenagers and then to powerful weapons arsenal of cybercriminals computers became a resource and around this resource advance and into wind economy was built the adding of droves ovalles ot devices to the playing field has turned de darsur tax into an even more tangible threat and has encouraged vigilantes such as the white team to take the law into their own hands some of these virginia anthony's have decided that the ends justify the means and that destroying property of innocent civilians is illegitimate course of action in order to protect the safety of the didn't know what now review the history of beat us and the continuing failure to deal with it throughout the years i ask myself if it's possible that the jenner might not be the hero would that need but he might just be hero we deserve thank you for listening visit militias dot life to subscribe to our podcast read all the full transcripts and download other episodes if you like the show give us a five star reviews on i tunes and will send you a malicious life that's militias dot life militias life is produced by the media thanks again to sabah reason for underwriting the podcast learn more cyber reason dot com beiber.

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