CNN, Paul Callan, Donald Trump discussed on Dennis Prager


I want you to hear of the remaining two minutes or so of the cnn legal analyst dog cnn on sunday paul callan yes the consist president trump is right about the fbi concerned about bias is legitimate and this is the guy keeps repeating he said tightrope foresee results cnn but he has the intellectual honesty but does not provide them at work continue please and the he his wife was running for a senate seat in virginia and she took seven hundred thousand dollars in contributions from terry mcauliffe who in and packs control by him to support her in that campaign and he then is in the chain of command of the hillary email investigation now that would be like if the fbi let's say they were investigating a bank and um you do you think there's let an agent investigate a bank of his wife was taking a seven hundred thousand all alone from the bank did pull the agent from that let me ask you this so as you know the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein testify before congress is retail he was asked in really hammered on questions over political bias within the aging.

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