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A voice message was really nice. That was really cool to hear me if you want to do the same by the way, case website, Swiss and chips dot com. A new can record a voice message there. So let's hear from David. Now, the one thing I miss about a true genuine Swiss with report actually two things the first one and what allegation will begin to see zoo degree centigrade or such degrees Fahrenheit, that's inaugural Clemson and the second one, of course, whatever that what Elvis, rather we're going to see snow that being dish Neff, organs. These are two very Swiss elements over whether reports also the phone, these special kind of wind that really does get to you some headaches as well, especially join decently warm days. Now in the u. k. the weather report is very much random as an. I'm so used to the fact that it could be raining when it says it's sunny or it could be sunny when it's raining. I just simply don't carry an umbrella because more often than not the weather reports going to probably get this one wrong as well. Whereas in Switzerland, the weather report is a bit more slightly more predictable and at least know tomorrow. If I'm going to central Zurich, I'm joy have to carry something like an umbrella like that. But still it is still very random. It is still unpredictable and having lived in places outside Switzerland and the UK I've been to other places. Like for example, the far east where the weather report is far more straightforward. Like for example, sun throughout all of autumn and winter -cational snow form, but in Switzerland. And in the u. k. it's so random. Sometimes I feel lazy. I just go outside with a jacket with a hood, and I let the weather do whatever really wants to do. And I think I'm always going to stay pretty much dry sense. Really at level, so David. Yep. Some really interesting points loads of information and yet has maybe just to to say, very in brief. He. Lift in London. Is that right now he's living in China and he lift in Switzerland. So yes, quite an experience. And I think he brings up quite a few points. For example, the there are in Swiss Medio the Switzer Fulco Swiss better forecast. There are some special expressions. You might not hear everywhere. For example, the follow grants. He mentioned which means snow line there is a changing from snow to rain. At which you'll start to get snow. Yeah, exactly. Great now, yeah, that's something we certainly don't normally have in England Malians comment..

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