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Saturday after high of 92, he stressed reading of 98, respecting showers and storms to start moving in from the west late Saturday night and linger through Sunday. From the Caleb Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Brad Martin. Right now we do have sunshine and 74 degrees and you have a tax debt problem. I mean, a big tax debt problem. Dave Williams here with the answer to your problem. I'm serious about this. If you have a tax debt, empathy, Iris Alliance tax resolution is the name you need to remember. And I'll explain why they're right here in DFW. They can help you. As a matter of fact, there. One of the few firms In the whole country that can handle both federal and state tax issues. And the thing is that they have. They have professional CPS and tax attorneys on staff to find a solution for your tax problems. I guarantee it whether it's Payroll, tax sales tax or income tax issues. Alliance tax resolution. I spent about half an hour talking with the president of the company, and he convinced me he's passionate. About helping people get out of these deep debt situations. Uh, it's an emotional thing for you. It's weighing it down. It's it's literally a danger to your health. And your happiness. Tax problems don't just go away by themselves. And if you need help, you need to call Alliance tax resolution. They know that good people get into bad situations. It may not even be your own fault. But if you have a lien on your property, a levee in your bank account a garnishment on your wages or you're just ready to get that monkey off your back and fix these problems. Be happy again..

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