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It's all. Hey welcome to the show. My guest on this episode of the podcast. Emma story gordon. She has an online coach and educator who's health and fitness content on instagram. Genuinely some of the best. I've seen it's evidence-based well researched and presented in a way that makes sometimes complex data incredibly accessible. But i think the thing. I appreciate most about emma's content is that she presents it with such compassion and freely admits that the most complex thing in health and specifically diet and fitness is in principle weight. Loss for example is simple. But it's not easy not easy at all and with every post. She hopes to make it a little easier. And don't we all know it. I know it and if you've ever been on a diet or thrown yourself into a fitness regime to reach a goal only to find yourself back where you started not too long. After reaching it then he'll be acutely aware of how for straightening a vicious cycle is and what does acknowledge all the things that might work against us and work around them through them sometimes under them to get you where you want to be. Obviously this episode discusses weight loss is a goal. And i know that that can be twittering for some people but i also know this is the kind of conversation that can be helpful for a lot of people. Most of my. Dm's are about motivation weight loss and relationships with food and exercise. So i feel. I feel it's appropriate for me to create these kinds of episodes and i also will only bring them to you if i think that the past bringing to. You is safe sensible and will add value. And that's what. I really believe with emma. I also believe emma and you'll hear this from Listening to yourself in the episode. She so measured sensible factual more she presents the for. Anyone who like me enjoys clear information. She really is one of the best resources. I could share with you and you know how i feel about you. My most excellent listeners. I would never do you wrong. I honestly think she's fantastic so during conversation. We discuss a lot everything from tapping into motivation. The many myths out there about how the weight loss and fitness because there there are many all incredibly unhelpful. The huge middle ground between diet culture and anti culture why changing your mindset is always a better goal than await or a cloth size. the benefits have delayed gratification. That is very interesting. And it's definitely one stayed with me. Why it's a myth that watching what you eat can go into. The damaged joyless why consistency consistency consistency. Consistency is the most vital component to achieving your goals. Whether it's to do with health of witness or not to be honest and so so much more as someone who spent nearly thirty years yo yo. Dieting and trying one weight-loss fat after another the big shift. Me was realizing how i lived. When i wasn't on a diet and when i wasn't on some big fitness cake that need was what needed to be addressed the time when i wasn't trying to do something and emma puts this perfectly in the episode when she says the process is your life. I love that. I might even get it. Put on a t-shirt. I was so pleased to charter. I'm delighted to bring her to the magan show. And i hope you get as much out this conversation as i did. And of course the links where you can find out. We'll be in the show notes but for now please join me in welcoming. Ms story gordon onto the magan.

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