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Spiders, spiders. Yes. Getting old. Yes. Yeah. There's something. Okay. Maybe I'm not most scared about the you want to one of the multiple things that scare me one of the multiple things that scare me is being accused of a crime that I did it commit. What was that was that a movie years ago in the eighties? I don't know if it was my alibi with Tom Selleck or something. But there was a movie where somebody got in trouble for doing something fugitive fugitive also. That you weren't even there. You weren't even there. So that's like a big fear, and you would think okay? That's not going to happen. The same age because we have facial recognition software. We have all sorts of technology now that it won't happen. Well, I guess it did there's an eighteen year old suing apple for one billion dollars claiming he was falsely arrested and charged for a series of thefts due to Apple's facial recognition software. His name is use made ball, and he was arrested in New York. In November and charged from stealing from apple stores in Manhattan, Boston, New jersey and Delaware. But the photo included what the arrest warrant showed a man that looked nothing like the college student and one of the thefts and Boston had occurred on the same day that buck was in Manhattan for his senior prom. Now had previously lost a learner's permit. It had his name address other personal formation. But it's not. The privilege. Also stated it was not meant for identification purposes. Now, he thinks the found it or stole it and then used it as own identification and apple stores. Now, I guess the first sign of fests happened where twelve hundred dollars worth of products was stolen from an apple store in Boston on may thirty first two thousand eighteen the thief, but stolen from apple stores in Manhattan, New Jersey and Delaware. But it was all being tracked by the company software. Boss said he only learned about the fast when he received a Boston municipal court some of June. And then he was arrested by the New York. Police department on November twenty ninth now, the NYPD defect that detective was assigned to the case examined surveillance footage Hatton store and found that the suspect would nothing like, Bob. Found that apple security technology identified suspects of theft using facial recognition technology, according to the lawsuit. He's suspected that. The thief had presented BAAs learner's permit as identification during one of the multiple thefts against apple now Vass Ed he was forced to responsible to false allegations. It led to severe stress and hardship and left them feeling humiliated afraid deeply concerned. I mean, he's got a lawsuit. I don't know if he's got a billion dollar lawsuit. But he sure has it. He says he's a facial recognition software and it stores to track. Individuals suspected of theft is the type of Orwellian surveillance in nineteen Eighty-four that consumes fear for tickle is. It could be assumed that the majority of consumers are not aware that their faces are being secretly analyzed. Now. They say charges against Bava dropped in every state except jersey fairly jerseys cases, still pending now, Apple Daily, mail dot com. That it cannot comment of league. Matters and does not use facial recognition technology and that stores. Okay. So here's the thing. I. Having had my own business. And having staff steel, luckily, not to the degree that other doctors a lot of doctors. They've been embezzled a lot of we were very very lucky. But yeah, you know, staff would steal supplies. They still flu shots they stole. The I said they stole, you know. So we just had to keep limiting what we had. We just, you know, no, control substances. No flu shots. No. We just started to limit the stuff we had love at the cash on hand, you know. And so originally. When thefts and doctors offices were high. We had a camera system. And I'll tell toast, guys. There's no hidden cameras. But here the cameras, okay? On the things that were concerned about the could get stolen. So Jessica, you guys have to just strap or whatever the cameras here. Don't do it on the camera. Right. There's a private area guys to just because we every now, and then, you know, things start working their ways up certain crevices, and I got to kind of fix at adjust. And I feel like I wall mart and target. See me do that all the time. You know, you'll go into an aisle, and you're like, let me fix my bra or whatever, you know, it's things because there's cameras everywhere there. But I would let them know, you know, so they had privacy. Like, you know, do that. You know, these are the cameras are. So just in case you guys forget it's on camera. And I don't want anybody seeing that is I wonder if I wonder if certain employers could be in trouble. Where if there's a camera and somebody adjusts something or changes or clothes or whatever. And then there's footage of that. I wonder if that that gets employers in trouble, but I think employers have every right to. Have every right to if they have a business have sort of surveillance if they're stolen from. But like I said, I would let the staff know where where the surveillance is. And I think they have ever right? So apple, you know, not wanting their stuff stolen and having a means to track it, I think they have a right? But they you have a right to know that they're doing that. And that if every time you want Joan apple store, you're being sized up and recorded. You have a right to know that now I would just tell you guys expect every place you go to be watched and recorded expect that you're always on camera. I mean, we have satellite to watch you get in that car, and they can figure out now. With heat sensors what's going on in your house. I mean, you know, just assume you're always being watched. But it does freak me out that, you know, somebody could steal your identity. And then you'd be in trouble. I'm wondering if he's also sui because he didn't get into college colleges,.

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