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Mike always filling in. It is filling in quickly. Here, Nicole, Southbound is just all brake lights coming out of the O Neill Tunnel down past South Bay Columbia Road. Once you clear the gas tank, you moving along better. Until you get down through Quincy. You're back in it after Bryant ev down to the Braintree split easily. 20 minutes. Boston Braintree. At this point, it may not get that good again until the day is out. The north. An expressway has stop and go coming up from Braintree. It's really slow up towards the tunnel to and nothing unusual here. Route three out of bounds got the usual stop and go route 18 to Derby Street, where it goes from three lanes to two. Northbound is well pretty slow to from 2 28 up and to hang him couple of miles there. Up to the north 1 28 south. Pretty bad from one in Peabody down into Linfield, the North, um decides okay there, North north bound 93 slow going up after Route 16 in Medford. The pike. Westbound is backed up getting out towards 1 28 and then downtown. The Ted Williams tunnel westbound backed up inside and sterile drive. It's back before the Longfellow Bridge. This report sponsored by CBS. Finding Savings in your Prescriptions can get confusing. So CBS built a tool that looks for ways to lower your costs. Ask your pharmacist how to save that's healthier made easier from CVS. Savings vary. Not all patients eligible for savings. Ask pharmacist for details My king WBC's traffic on the three another phenomenal night ahead when it comes to the weather, at least, but we do have some rain on the way. Let's get details. Now. In the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast bright and beautiful sunshine as we get into the afternoon, it will be nice temperatures.

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