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I'm gonna guess involves local police and secret service first thing the first step is to call the secret service power or your local police department okay then this is never put yourself in danger do not confront the suspected passer do not return the bill to the passer if possible delay the passer with some excuse the passer's description and write down their license plate number of possible contact your local police department call your local U. S. secret service office write your initials and date at the white border area of the suspected counterfeit note do not handle the counterfeit well just said to write your initials on yeah so how do you do that without him place it inside a protective cover such as a plastic bag or envelope and then hand over suspected currency to a properly identified police officer or secret service special agent or mail it to your nearest secret service field office we gonna do well no one's going to do that how do we get rid of this and here's another thing if you ever worked in a store and you were in that situation one of those one of those bits of advice on that list it was don't hand it back to the person right I think I'm I think the people handed back to the person Mr Haiti we can't take this you can hand it back right I mean even if technically the store clerk is supposed to then just confiscate the bill you know you're like paying somebody twelve Bucks an hour they don't care I think very often it is going to hand it back and then that's when you're like oh it is now I'm stuck with it what do I do with it so you were talking about counterfeit money anything you ever had to do with it or even just an theories one eight hundred two eight three one one point five three eighteen years faster so traffic is kind of busy on the turbine westerns Berg getting on to the car the truck planes cars trucks planes still in good shape this report is sponsored by staples stores traffic on route one in Edison slowing down eighteen is started to build up in New Brunswick coming south parkway worst of it is north one forty three in a one forty five you gotta slow traffic route nine heading into the lake with the Saturday and the traffic is slowed down a lot down forty two going north into creek road we're getting rid of a flipped over vehicle accident two lanes currently blocked off fifty five north and deputies jam coming up towards forty two overall across the Delaware doing well Hudson River crossings started to build up to maybe a five minute delay into the Lincoln tunnel tolls at staples cherry van save all month long on select shares if you're outfitting your home your office or your home office save at staples traffic every fifteen minutes next reported three thirty three I'm Tom rivers on New Jersey one a one point five new spring styles are here at Old Navy.

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