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Oh she calls it a wookey gambit answer. That's what she calls a Lakhan powers we'd be once again. We'll see where this goes coming on the last episode. But the idea of walking power like we can move forward with It's kind of interesting just because now it's like in in one respect He was said he hated aliens. But it's it has been the power by the aliens. It's an interesting interesting dichotomy that you become what you and that's what he had to do to stop it right Well he kind of Figures out you know that he just for whatever reason he just Himself with more hair now. Any kind of abates the symptoms that he's having I think it's Kinda whereas like you know joy attic come down or even caffeine. Let's let's talk about dark here. I'm sure you take more to get yourself back up. And if you if you just keep yourself up enough to worry about crashing down and that's kind of what yeah. He's keeping himself right. Yeah his perspective. It's definitely like bat whereas with Jimmy. They Lillian Figures out with her with her research that she's doing Based on Lena's research that it's that some more Harun Al would would would it be. Symptoms me she. She Lena bought the prison. Just to get Lillian out for. You're Lillian out for the weekend or whatever to help her out and she attach is a baby truth seeker to her arm so she can't lie so that's the reason she goes. I like this episode. All at all I feel feel like we talked about. The parade daughter got cheated compared to the like the second episode. Where you know the solar plexus up to? We got a lot about what he was doing with her so I just feel like she got lots. Where Phil Sad? WHO's yeah well? So Karl knows that the red daughters around in she actually does a lot like like tracking red daughter. She finds an apartment that she lives in. It looks left his apartment to degree. She finds her Her Journal and she goes through it. She discovers Mikhail the the young young boy that the red daughter believes is dead that America American missiles bloom up and then she She's trying to keep her distance from Alex at this point and we know that Alex is kind of like AAC. Alex keeps having these recurring These these reemerging memories of of Kara Basically quickly being supergirl of car having powers and so she's like tailing car as she follows her. She gets to the apartment as well and she gets a call that their mother Elisa is in trouble and supergirl goes red. Daughter is there dressed as Kara glasses and everything. She doesn't do anything today or mother but she pushes her away. And that's when the begins so she seems Red Daughter seems a little. You know at parts in this episode. She you seems a little confused about who she is and what she wants like. You said kind of naive kind of younger but then like when the fighting starts and when it comes to lax. It's like she is like she's almost wholeheartedly. Like believing in lex. You know Doc She liked car toll tells her you know if you even look him up. You do your research on Lex. You'll find that. He only that he fights for himself in so now that he's a criminal and he doesn't care about you and all this other stuff so like she is definitely naive with me. It's just the that her only memory was Alex and Lex kind of went along with that. So that's her first. I connection to her only Marie net it. It kind of clouds what she thinks. But yeah definitely naive. When it comes stood.

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