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Watch as we enter into day number three of this impeachment of president who is not the president of the United States. He's down in South Florida. He's a civilian. He's in private life. He hasn't said. Ah, Word hasn't uttered a phrase hasn't done any kind of a press conference or an availability hasn't called in tow. Good morning show. He hasn't done any of it. And we see just in the last three days that there is a new manifestation. We are witnessing the dawn of a new era the era. Of T V w you know, Rush talked for a very long time about TDs. Trump Derangement syndrome. How it was that he was able to to drive people loony progressives, liberals, globalists deep staters. The president, United States When Donald Trump is president could make the progressives loony by his very appearance by a smile, visiting with somebody having a conversation. He could make him go tilt. And now what do we have? In day? Three of the impeachment? We have? T d w we're what Witnessing the manifestation of Trump derangement withdrawal. This is what is happening. He hasn't said anything since January. The 20th hasn't been seen since January. 20th. We're coming on almost a month here. Nine days from a month. And they're just going batty. They're doing a media stakeout down at Mar a Lago there begging for him to say something to try to kind of move this thing because it's clear is the Diana DeGette. Congresswoman from Colorado is presenting the case today. They're desperate for something new. For the last three days, and they'll do it again. Today they're going to show more video Morva violence, more invective, more drama, more rioting at the Capitol, and it's the very thing that we knew about. We know about it. We watched it in real time. It's terrible. Have not come across a single solitary person. Who has come out and said, Yeah, that fixed on that that taught him a lot. Nobody. Nobody supports this. And yet their entire case is built on This idea that we must accept that That was a horrible night. A horrible day. Ah, horrible afternoon. Ah, horrible next couple of days. All of that has to be accepted. We're granting that I'm willing to grant that without any kind of a problem. And if you disagree, if you don't think that's been granted it 800 to 82 to 80 to feel free to give a call. We grant that it was violent and horrible and terrible. The issue at hand is whether or not the president of the United States Donald John Trump, there would like to say that if the meaning of the proceedings whether or not the president states, Donald John Trump told The rioters to go there and riot. It's a parent. He didn't He didn't say that. He said. Go on, peacefully protest peacefully march. In fact, we now know in the aftermath of that horrible event. There were people that left 15 and 20 minutes before the end of President Trump's speech, and and we're out, making their way to the capital going to riot. He according to them. He gave the order to do it. But he was still speaking for another 15 or 20 minutes. And so this whole thing is, it's an absolute mess. We're looking today. Now at video being played from January the 6th 2021 upside down American flags and we're dragon flags and trump flags. Trump is Rambo. There again is video of the president, speaking behind the podium in all all the stuff that you've come to expect. And here's what we're getting. We're getting every day. It was really, really, really bad. It was so bad it was really bad. It was terrible. Here's how where it was bad. This is it was bad. Look at how bad this is. And yet the Trump derangement. Withdrawal is kicking in hard with these people. Hillary Clinton comes out the overnight Hillary Clinton of all people. Comes out in the overnight And she says, Well, if they if they acquit him if they let him go there, the co conspirators They're the Coke in square through the co conspirators with him. Hillary Clinton should never, ever utter the phrase co conspirator. I mean, it is, It is so self evident. If you go back all the way to the Rose law firm and and the earliest days of the scandals coming out of the Clinton White House, the travel office you name it, selling the Lincoln Bedroom, A right on upto you, Alan, Charlie Trie and the to the chai. Com money the pay for play schemes. Hillary Clinton should never utter the phrase coconspirator never, ever, ever should never talk about a cover up a co conspiracy, a conspiracy. She shouldn't put any of those phrases in her mouth because the fact of the matter is this is the most suspect public figure of the last 30 years. And what you're seeing from her is the Trump derangement withdrawal. She hasn't seen Trump He hasn't tweeted. Of course he didn't tweet. You guys blew him up on Twitter. The CFO came out overnight and said, Yeah, he's gonna be bad, Even if he runs for president again. He's gonna be bad. If he gets elected president again. He's gonna be banned. It's making him nuts. It's making him bonkers. They can't process this. They got so conditioned to waking up. Laying in bed, firing up the cell phone looking at the Twitter looking at the morning shows looking at the overnight stuff and finding the next new outrage that their stalled See this. Impeachment is important to the extent that it's a process playing out. In the Senate. You have a house that referred it. The Senate is considering it. I do not believe the Senate will will convict the president for having caused the riot. We all universally condemned the riot. We all universally understand what went on there. But there is no evidence other than the president's attendance at the rally. Other than the president's attendance at rallies during the campaign before the campaign after the campaign. There's no evidence of him saying Take that Hill. Go get him, boys! Go get him! Boys and girls. He didn't do it..

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