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Like all in the Family. What happened? I'm scared me in this house. You know what that means Had just done he get the cross check to the Lord. He's going to bring up our grandson to do the same thing. Ha! Jaded. Come with me. Adult look back will be turned into a fellow of sword. Happy Thanksgiving weekend from all of us and my talk one of 71 so Bradley trainer took a little journey into the world of Gillian Anderson and wants to share with us what he learned which we find kind of fascinating on the Colleen Bradley Show. Report. My talk 1071 streaming live at my talk one of 71 dot com Everything entertainment Colleen Lindstrom Bradley trainer. No. If I could just be really transparent, you'd started to tell us about this journey. You went on in an investigation about Gillian Anderson for personal reasons, and we were like, why are we not changed so much already seriously? Because you know, it's it is such an interesting story. So we thought you should share it here. Well, cause I feel like I'm probably not alone. But I had one of those moments in my life where I'm like I am far too old to be realizing this for the very first time. I feel like somebody failed me like the education system failed me. The pop culture education system failed me, and that's why we're here is because we don't want to fail you like all the other pop culture. Yes. Education systems have exactly we are a for profit. Private word, Private entity. Um, you know, even though we're public School minded at heart, But that's just the way the system works, man. Anyway, This is a dumb analogy, but can we want want to reveal the mystery of Julian? Andrew? Yes..

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