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I'll be with you until two AM when I go away JJ. We'll keep you company for your overnight. All right. So one of my followers on Twitter had asked the question. He wanted me to ask this of micro Caro from the post, but. It. Now his question was if the Mets the Mets went for Wilson Ramos says catcher over. Yes, Mani Grondahl. And what was it specifically in terms of Grondahl? Why was there? A cost beyond what he might cost in dollars. What were what were those other costs associated with a Monte Grondahl if the Mets had signed him? And so here's the situation if you're less familiar with this is that. The dodgers who obviously the dodgers were Krahn dolls team last season. And they offered they made Grondahl a qualifying offer. Meaning that they give him an offer for a player that's about to be a free agent. If your team makes a qualifying offer. So they offer you a one year deal at whatever the qualifying offer rate. You know, call it eighteen million or so they offer you that? And if you turn it down then. That team gets compensation. Draft pick compensation if if you turn that deal down. Now, what the Mets would have had to have given up if they signed a free agent who who had been offered a qualifying offer. In addition to whatever dollars they signed him for with Granada. The Mets would have had to have given up forfeited their second round draft pick and five hundred thousand dollars in international signing bonus money, so. So there's two cost there in the upcoming major league baseball draft. The Mets would have lost their second round draft pick and for a team like the Mets they had a poor season last year and would be drafting fairly high a second round draft bake is pretty valuable and then the five hundred thousand international signing money. Well every. July second a new crop of players in international players become the the youngsters become available and you see team signing all these young players players international players who are not subject to being drafted not part of the draft. And each team gets a certain pool of money that you're allowed to spend to sign international players, and it's capped you can't smell, you know, you can only spend so much if you spend over it, then you're severely penalized. And in the in the following year, you eat the major league baseball doesn't let you spend very much at all. There's a big penalty. If you go over that initial that international slot now some teams are strategic about it. They go way way over in a particular year. And then they and then there are penalized for a few years before they can spend two slot again for the Mets it would've cost. Five hundred thousand out of that signing bonus pool. So it would have meant that they lost the second round draft pick if they signed grandma, and they gave up five hundred thousand could be that could be the value of a good young player. So it could cost them two other young players in the future restock their minor league system. So I get that. That was part of the thinking of not wanting to sign a yes, Monte Grondahl. I still liked him as a player. I think he's a good player. I would not have been unhappy. If the Mets signed him, but I understand the thinking behind it is it's not just money. If you sign dial, you would have had to have given up the potential the possibility of signing a couple of young good young players. So that's anyway, the explanation on that. As for the last caller before the break who was talking about Keith who wanted to know what wanted the Mets to sign a good backup catcher some. Like the Henry Blanco's in the world that they used to have somebody like Martinez Maldonado is a free agent. Really good defensive catcher to be the backup to Wilson Ramos. I'll tell you what they have a very good defensive catcher on their roster. And before you laugh about it. That's Tomasz Neto Tomasz Neto has a terrific reputation as a defensive catcher from the minor leagues. And even last season. He was good at pitch framing. So he he has the potential to be a good defensive catcher, the problem is he hit atrociously in the limited action that he saw last year that doesn't mean he's going to be that forever. He's only twenty four he'll probably start the year again in the minor leagues. And you see what happens and if he can develop that back just a little bit. He could develop into potentially. A solid defensive backup catcher, and the kind of player you talking about and looking for let's say back to the phones Edward Edmund Hatton. What's going on Edward? Yeah. Money. Lloyd. Welcome to the broadcast. I heard earlier that Rama got the by the Mets. Yes. Very good moving to tell you something done so four. I may like this guy has no, you know, what I'm going to change the team Brennan for new people and he's done a very good job. So far compared to the guy who did hero last year. He's off very zero. That's not true. You may not have liked to signings. But the Mets actually were active in free agency last year. And you may not have liked to they brought in whether that was resigning. Jay, Bruce, or Anthony spores Zakar is some of the moves they made. But. I understand that that people are disappointed in sandy Alderson and his tenure here. But let's say look, I hope that that the Brody years here will be successful. I hope that it will turn into something. Ed where? World Series title sometime in this window of the next two years. I hope that Brody states through his word when he was Jacob degrom agent last summer and said the Mets should sign. Jacob degrom to an extension. He actually said sign and retrieve him. I hope he is aggressive and does some of those things we'll see Jerry. Dalby? Ish move. I would like to see possibly get meeting. One one bad and another middle relief pitcher room. I'm hearing and asked him why is the possibility of going after Adam Jones, which would be I think a good fit. You get a guy who can maybe give you fifteen hundred. Good good center, fielder and engineers. Yeah. I don't know if he's who. Would you say is the bullpen guy? Andrew miller. And yeah, I don't see that. That would be great. I would love it. If they signed Andrew Miller. I don't think they will now that they've traded for the closer signed the where I think is going to be their eighth inning guy in in familia. I don't think they're going to be shopping that high in in the I think expect them to shop more in the discount racks for reliever, but but I think that and thanks as always for the call. I think that Adam Jones's certainly a name you're seeing bandied about their we've seen the Mets connected to AJ Pollock. Do they decide to spend for an AJ Pollock ID surprised pleasantly? So I think that would be great. But I don't expect it Adam Jones. It depends at his age. How many years that it would you know, how many years do they have to sign him for? I still like the move that the Braves made in signing. Josh Donaldson to a one year deal for twenty three million dollars. I would rather the Mets did something where they spent over spend a little and try and limit the years you're on a sign somebody like Adam Jones, go ahead, but make it make it. A high end I doubt he'll go for a one year deal, but make it a a two year deal or something and give them more of a higher average annual value to the contract. You get a player in Jones. Let's see his birthday is August. I say he's thirty three years old. Gonna turn thirty four in August players at that age, and especially center fielders, don't generally age that well when you're talking about. Guys at at that at that age and from a defensive standpoint has kind of eight I think he's he's not a great center fielder anymore. He probably would be better served to be moved off.

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