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Called 317755 39 77 55 39 70. Mm Matt Bear has a look at the roads. Alright him. We're looking at the rampant Allison Hill Road. Westbound 4 65 still glows because apart whole it's going to be closed The rest of the day Eastbound 70 has reopened the State road nine still stop traffic to stop and go from State Road Line nine out to the county line. And then we're looking at the Southside eastbound 4 65 stop. Man rode over the Harding Street and we have a crash of World Truck. Mooresville Road at Man Road Traffic sponsored by Drexel Interiors Go where the pros go. Drexel Interiors forward Timberlake Kitchen and Bath cabinets. Visit Drexel's design centers at 146th Street and River Road on North Shade. Lynn Drink so i n dot com I met Bear follow us on Twitter for instant traffic. Updates. W I b c traffic. Cloudy skies 89 of the American Standard Cooling Weather Center here at 93. W I. B. C You're listening to the hammer and natural show on 93. W I. B C. My name is Nigel. Jason Hammer is here. Um, yeah, It's such a bummer because I think we both had awesome Fourth of July weekend,.

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