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It's a newer ministry ah eufor for eyes probably still author killin it is probably listening right now i hope not if you mourning the internet show it is you finish this pilot you're talking about a murderous the daytona beach serial killer some people say has killed three to seven women are other places the low number is four we'll get into that later on kazakhstan it depends on who gets attributed to it but that's something we'll deal with later a also want to let everybody know that we were lucky enough to talk with reporter an author christine pella sack recently and we're going to be chairing some of the audio from that conversation during the episode the reason we had christine honest she recently published her book titled the grim sleeper lost women of south central which tells the story of serial killer lonnie david franklin junior recently convicted last year yeah yeah he was he was he killed okay his numbers are not exactly firm either voted between tend to over twenty five women between 1985 in two thousand and seven biggest candy to bribe him and get him the fess up here they know of him some kind of drug i d i don't think sandies the right thing they're going to give himself and eventually but the grim sleeper case shares a lot of see similarities with the daytona beach serial killer case which is why we talked to christine because there's a lot of things that are very similar and so it it seem like a a great opportunity to to get her insight on these todd of quite frankly never now i mean lonnie might have might have actually committed the murders and daytona beach.

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