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Sportscenter. I'm Kevin winter picky. News sports that are kind of saw this one coming the loftland. Julius Lakers have officially shut down the brawn James for the remainder of the season ended team released they say after consulting with doctors and medical staff. They've decided the whole the brawn out of games for the remainder of the year. They're using his rolling injury that he suffered back on Christmas day as the reason that he shut down in dusted ends one of the useless seasons in MBA yesterday. Ident- LeBron James officially set down for the remainder of the year. Now, the fun stuff that's going on ninety minutes away from the first elite eight game getting underway. We are still in the quarterfinals of the WGC Deltec -nology smack play championships better going on in San Antonio. Tiger Woods beat ROY McElroy chew and one today. He leaves Lucas bureau guard one through twelve meanwhile, MAC cure is chew up on Sergio Garcia through ten earlier Francesco Mola. Monari absolutely dump truck. Kevin non six and five. I've ever use dump truck and golf before. But he did. Meanwhile stays in now trails Kevin Kisner one through sixteen. The four winners will go to the semifinals tomorrow morning. And then they will the to win who move on. We'll play for the championship tomorrow. The elite eight gets underway ninety minutes from now Gonzaga will take on Texas Tech Purdue. We'll take on Virginia major league baseball. That's after all my goodness. The Baltimore Orioles wanna game. They beat the Yankees three Steph curry Kevin Durant of a Golden.

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