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Sleep valium for anxiety all laura tabar a vicha them for paid and maybe a adult no honorable supplement or something all right you don't are they all go to mix for most people though probably be fine you hear people take so much zanik love can there all the time you're not supposed to mix the two oh hell no please don't mix the two but we we don't really even know the problem were fighting it's not a bunch of people getting high and again once you get that first dose of narcotic and once you get kind of stoned a bus from it you may not realise it you're that taken more you guys saw the wolf of wall street right where they were taken equate loads and how what was it lemon there were called lemons or something and you know they they took a bunch of their like look this is a doing anything to me i feel find that all of a sudden he hit courtesy of the wolf of wall street and unfortunately that sometimes what happens if these are caught x now the city of talino has sued twenty four opioid manufacturers industry leaders this week according to mayor paula hicks hudson it is designed to hold them responsible the mayor said the goal was to recover our caused a change the ways in which it prescribed advertise these drugs now she said city taxpayers of spent more than four hundred thousand for toledo firefighters to respond to opioid related emergency calls this here she said we have had enough of our community members suffering or died from overdoses from the unfair distribution and marketing practices of these addictive drugs the time is now to hold drug manufacturers and distributors accountable for their actions this is a three hundred page lawsuit so toledo city council voted to too law firms climatic oh wilcox peca and guard foley company and the police shook sean iq to sue for opioid related costs the law firms represents several other cities including dayton and parma ohio with similar suits arising out of the quote alleged fraud lent and negligent marketing the distribution of prescription drugs including hydrocortisone which is a more tab oxycodone percocet oxy more phone let the gone and related to the opioid epidemic affecting this community so sumarine the pharmaceutical companies could work bring the city muddy but if any of you guys are right pain and.

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