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June twenty th twenty twenty one. I'm greg miller alongside my co host of the day. The host of iga game scoop. David hatfield hoop. What's up agree not much man. How are you. i'm doing very well. I've had a couple of not. Didn't have a couple of mocha's. I was br brainwashed before we started recording a lot of days recently. Got an espresso machine greg. You own one of these miracles of modern science. I'll tell you what i've seen. George clooney and danny devito on this machine david. I won't have it. I want a cup of coffee. I want big. I want as many ounces of copies like possibly get you get these little pods. Yeah i dunno. It's been pretty life changing. They make a good lot. And i can just do it from home. It's been it's been great i. It's always a question of quality over quantity and for me. It is one hundred percent quantity. Give me a barrel of diner coffee. That's what i want to give me through the day destroying that. But i'm glad you enjoy you know you've always had a more refined alad think pinkies up for me. That's that's gotta be right. How are you recovering from me three. Are you back. And i think i'm back to normal. Had a couple of days off. And then i'm taking all of next week off next week vacation week for me. That's cool feeling good feeling. You don't play video games. Are you gonna go somewhere. We're gonna do. We're going to hawaii whole family's going to hawaii think it'll be great once they're a little bit nervous about the flights with my almost two year old but yeah yeah how how. Many planes is one plane to vegas. That flight was thirty minutes. Yeah and this is our flight you know so sure. Yeah you gotta keep entertaining do stuff. Knock them out. Dog the drill. So you know you'll get waste three and a half months so i don't know what exactly whatever you gotta do to get through the flight. Are you going to be playing a lot our flight. You think they're damon not on that flight. Because like i said. I think it'd be all hands on deck watching the kid. I was looking forward to blame. Mario gulf at some point during this trip. But now i'm a little bit up in the air because of the review from simon cardi. Oh you know it's funny you bring that up. Let's talk about it. Mario golf super rush reviews are in. Are we getting a ghost of tsushima expansion. In three four threes committed to halo releasing this holiday according to some guy named phil spencer..

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