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What happens if the inner parts of your soul? Very black does have the same infectious attitude. Then you get sent to prison in your mom reaches out the Bradley. You're my hero laughs. I bet you maybe carry is that prisoner like comments, lull on like every status, even when it's not appropriate? Exactly like ours shop, but she I'm literally Lulling. All right. We are tied up here. Let's go back to you. Liana being food and sleep deprived is going to really affect me, I think easily. So, I mean, I might be one of those players that face the first day. Ooh. Okay. I don't know. Can I have a hint Goliath. Okay. I might ain't the first day. I'm going to guess Jeremy Liana. You should have gone with literally every other introducer Perla to the interest in Italia. Of course, it was see should answer for everything so we might need to rich wreck, put go back and put her in for most likely to get medevac. She might pull up Boston Robin, pass out the first day. We're tied now, right? Yes, and I'm very happy are because I have a tiebreaking round set up here. Here's how it's going to work. As I mentioned before, there was a video that went up where the players went through their survivor role models. We're going to go rapid fire here back and forth. I'm gonna give you the name of the former player. You're gonna give me the name of the current player who said that this person was their role model. So for example, if I said Jay star, it, you would say, Alec make sense. Oh, known that one boy. All right. All right. Let's let's start with you. Liana Sandra. Oh..

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