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It you know and then on the road is tough it's nhl is known as never hungry league because there's always food around all always you know so we get on the nhl also known for pizza post game you know if you're sounds ridiculous and i try to fight it my first year lost horribly but when you're on the road you order pizzas after games because i mean what i did end up getting his drinker shake i than have some feature having together that if you choose i always thought that was a good idea and that's really smart because you're benting the meal so if you have let's say you want to eat a lot and you have five or six slices of pizza you did consume a lot of fat you did consume a lot of carbohydrates that you really didn't get an a great amount of protein there's a decent amount from the cheese i guess but if you had a protein shake or something like that that's going to bump your protein up by fifty grams right there yeah and it's our guys i think are seen the benefits of it too right getting a good quality protein in right after the game we're seeing less and less pizza actually get eaten right i think it's just more habit yeah they are hungry of course last time they really eight real food was pre game meal which three thirty four o'clock that day for seven o'clock game so they are hungry it's as you know it's good to eat real food you know yes to even just for your palate and whatever the shakes great but after the seventy ninth one they can maybe get a little maybe before that you're like okay eighty two pizzas what are we going to do about these eighty two pizzas nutrition plays a huge role and something that's great is you're you're sitting down and you're communicating with them you know why they're eating it and over a period of time what happens is they start to feel better from eating those foods you maybe have you still have options out in front of them that's that's a big factor because if you pull away if you take away too much from people and they start to get pissed but if you're like you know if you're if you're adding to to what they do eat more vegetables eat more fruit eat more avocado eat eat more of this then then they're their mindset is different okay he said to eat more you should eat more meat you should eat more pro tim rather than you saying hey man we can't have you can't have ice cream because that's all they hear wait a minute i have ice cream shit man was schedules hard distresses high too and i my opinion just from working with athletes for a long time is that they're smarter and they're more informed than they've ever been you know because it speaks to information go bad and it also speaks to a lot more good coaches you know we were talking about a couple before like there's a lot of smart guys out there there's a ton and women too you know and no longer in my opinion can you think of yourself as the guy because there's so many other guys and i love you know networking with guys like you and learning from anybody that i can because it's those little tidbits it's so how'd you get over this hump would you do in this situation what little warm up exercise can i steal from you you know and not steal but borrow whatever you wanna call it there's so much information good information out there that you know as a coach it's you gotta be having those conversations i learned from my players all the time who you training within the summer what do they do yeah okay come visit you and learn from your coach oh he'd love that you know and i think i've always been of that you know more open minded because this our field is so expansive that you can't i don't know you can't think that you're in a bubble because it's always changing and there's a lot of bullshit too don't get me wrong but there's also a lot of really good stuff you.

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