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Is Bloomberg radio. Settled with little extra dire straits Friday afternoon music feel like money for not nothing. Scott crow is the chief investment strategist at center square investment management. Joining us on the phone and Scott the tee up for this conversation. I like, it's fangs versus reits. It's really a topic only Bloomberg could love as much as we do. Am. I right. All right. Great to talk to you. So reits people tend to think of them as a little fusty. But you make a case that made people should love the more. Well rates are unloved sector. You're completely correct. And it's a sector that brimming with lazy consensuses, and one of the consensus is the fact that rate's gonna go down as interest rates rise. And that's just not true annual rate. Returns of Bain mid. Single digit five six percent for the last few years, even though interest rates have gone up. And that's because the number one two and three seeing that investors have been concerned about with respect to reach stocks since the financial crisis has been interest rates as a consequence the market. Never prostitute percent ten year bond yield is being a permanent feature at the capital markets. And so we think people's concerns right interest rates have probably misplaced, in fact, if you look at it chances are that a of the easy money. That's out. There is actually ended up in other places like tech stocks..

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