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Was Full of emotion you passion just as well as he could write a song full of comedy I admired in I like that and I, just I thought that was fantastic. I liked just his cleverness I mean his all that was wonderful. It turns the things that would drive me crazy. I think because he was hard to talk into ideas a little tricky. Also those things it didn't really drive me crazy but expressed the sentiment that I would say we didn't agree with. But. It came from his days in the theater or he basically said, he said something and I don't remember the exact quote but he said. Something like any good work of our lasting work of art has come from one point of view sort of. So he was very leery of a committee system doing anything that. Are Can't really good art doesn't come out of there in. Our. Disney was it is this collaborative process? Certainly we thought like. Editors, but we encouraged a lot of input. We took a lot of Info. We still make vote on things I. could we said Jeffrey over US and we had to sell him an I- ideas but we were I would say in our own way perhaps more collaborative than Howard was in charge of you know I, think he felt that I think he said something like. I'll go art comes out of dictatorships or something like that. And we were like, well, not necessarily he didn't. He didn't enforce that necessarily, but he was very leery of it. So if an idea came from, you know somebody on the staff I think he would. Sometimes like you know the that's you don't have to listen to people. But. But basically, the things we liked about hard outnumbered the other ones. Now, what was your last question you said? People take away from the film from lumers. Our. Little Mermaid is one of the greatest movies. Our. Yes. Well, I. Don Hans Baby Really. But I think that to get more full complete picture of Howard including his failures as successes are his his. His our his. Personal is personal life and a sense of was people for the music. They don't really know him I mean it's Too. Early, you know he died too early and I think he would have written a bunch more things that would be in the lexicon or whatever I mean. It would be just as well received and. So I just I really through I was Happy Happy Don Hahn decided to do this documentary and that he dug into his, you know his family and his roots in you know in Baltimore and and talk to his sister, and you know all those formative. Thanks for Howard and I just hope Howard comes alive to people in a way that who loved the science negative sense can person and Share in the tragedy of our. All, that talent was still. So soon, I think you may get a more complete version of his vitality and his. New. I. Wish.

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