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One thirty five Phillies. Orlands game to be heard on twelve. Ten WPA Phillies twelve ten WPA HD tomorrow. And speaking of the Phillies tonight bang and we're back score now Phillies. Five Marlins for two outs in the bottom of the fifth inning KYW news time, eight fifty four different little homerun makes a government study of the arts. Unveil some surprising details, a new government study finds that Americans aren't reading as much fiction while reading poetry is on the rise in adults are renewing their interest in museums arts festivals and the performing arts soon, I n gar with the National Endowment for the arts says he knows why we of course, are in a period of economic resurgence in many places with that comes more, discretionary income discretionary time people want to go and enjoy events the arts, obviously back into them credit for renewed interest in poetry in part goes to poets found on Instagram. Stephan Kaufman, CBS news. Do you have Bieber fever? If you do you still have a shot Bieber in Baldwin are not married. There were reports the Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin who got engaged in July after only a few weeks of dating had also gotten married this week at a New York City courthouse Baldwin Friday tweeted, I understand where the speculations coming from. But I'm not married yet. She then deleted that tweet. The reason for this speculation the two were spotted Thursday walking into Manhattan courthouse where marriage licenses are.

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