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Are. Guess what now. I have found one. That is not complicated. The connor not dr all in one dryer brush is kind of amazing. It has a detachable brush head so you can sort of use it like a regular hairdryer then when you put the brush hit on you can detangled dry style and volume is your hair. All in one step. It has a large oval brush. Doesn't twist wrap up your hair and these complicated ways. That are really confusing. Your hair dozen get caught in it. You use it. It's very intuitive. Almost like a round brush. Just pull it through your hair to create waves to create volume to smooth it out. It has an ion generator so that hair. Follicles much smoother. After you use it. And i love that. The bristles are flexible light. They're not hard. This isn't going to hurt your scout. The bristles are really soft. Just like a regular brush. It also has a thousand watts of power. Three heat settings a cool setting which is so good. When you're done you do the cool setting and just locks in the style and helps prevent frizz and best of all. There's an eight foot cords so you can use it away from the outlet if you wanna check out the connor not dr all in one dry brush go to connor dot com search dryer brush and order one just like i did okay john. I'm very excited to talk about this We are talking about injectables and maybe some positive hopefully hidden like i don't wanna say side effects. That sounds a bit scary but like benefits. Yeah what do you call beneficial side effect. Yeah they are the reason i wanted to talk about. This was. I always look in our facebook group at people like post pictures and they love before and after they love showing their face and i was like i'm gonna just get up there and be intimate personal with. Everybody and i decided to take a picture of the day before. I got my injectables. In case you guys haven't listened to this podcast before i would say every five ish months i might get a neuro toxin and every like six months like twice the i go see my maybe three times year. Backup what neurotoxin. People use this word yes. Neuro modulators are desportivo. Talks they are. They are micro micro completely science fabricated made beautiful toxins that freeze the muscles so that these superficial lines on your face can't move so you don't see them so it's not like you're gonna die. Correct feel like our listeners. Are like i know i know i know but i just feel like a lot of people jump into the show. They might. they might our listeners. That's true we might have people. I were like. tell me more. Yeah yeah they're yeah neuro- modulators. I think they stopped calling them. Neuro-toxins for that very reason because that word is so loaded exactly especially right now. Okay so both talks to support our new friends ziamon. What's up gwyneth paltrow. Okay yeah those are all in one category okay and then you also get to the things that if you have the eleven's between your is a big one or horizontal lines on your head things. Where if you stop the muscle movement. You won't see that line. That's what a neuro. modulator is. Four right i think filler. Hi there on a gas at villers. Also ones with like cal. I can't remember what else is. Kind of forget the the ingredient there's their radius. Yes correct correct. I get ha fillers which are highly onic acid villers there's all different viscosity of thicker ones. That lasts longer center ones. That are move more ones that have fda approval just for use in your lips are around your lips different areas and so those are more for when you have hollows or sunken inness or need to adjust the shape of your face or a big one is under the eye area to sort of build up that area. So shadows aren't as big or to help with I call them the clown lines marionette lines.

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