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Really gets the blood pumping she is a wonderful comedian she is the co host you call yourself a host or co hosts kinda weird when you both do you both do the same thing so you're both hosts right yeah a co host doesn't that denote sort of like a lesser position yet but i think because tito queens is really jessica i add our apec push towards your mouth this better or you go there we go i think it really i think we we split so you're both subordinate to each other yes interesting to quiz quiz me on comedy bang there was only comedy bang bang with me so reggie was my subordinate he was my co host host but please welcome to the show for the first time phoebe robinson hello having me i'm excited yes big fan of your work reached out to you out of the out of the blue like a lightning bolt from heaven i would imagine just like boom do you wanna be on the show and you agreed and here you of course this is a great podcast also tv show you know who's going to say this show nobody say you've done i've done it all three sixty from podcast to tv show back to podcast say three sixty ended up right where it started most people would kill for that you know that circle i killed for it yeah several people so i'm happy this is awesome thank you so much for being here phoebe to dope queens you had a similar trajectory although you you went from podcast to tv show in it's still a tv show you haven't come back down to earth yet well we're we're holding on the going to get more holding out hope not holding now no will never hear yeah nowhere we're fingers cost we're going to do like another batch of four episodes you're still in that wonderful world where it hasn't been canceled yet.

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