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That it was a devonta freeman clip maybe from late the week before before they even got to use then when he says we can do whatever we want offensively and you know i just read the quote and that might have been taken out of context maybe i don't i don't i don't know how much of that was devonta freeman look at it gets respect the patriots and and just be in an idiot i'm talking about this week hey show up and yost and they don't media night it's like every to second you see the same died at a podium the next day coach player interview here and of you there than somebody say something stupid the cubs that you know everybody keeps play and over and over again as we trent dilfer is got the little kid on his shoulders any asked tom brady who was hero isn't ready gets all emotional says my here is my dad we know the story brady and what his family ben deal with his mother was very ill and it that's a situation a big deal with all season long i got emotional when he was is answering a question about always hero once he says that that's a could do we saw most in week i'm not other than that you know is what clip he'll clip television highlight from anybody that in this game are involved in this game to an even get all that really jumps off the screen tear at least when i'm looking for something on look in football the boy material for the team i didn't see one thing and it doesn't give the patriots boards the ball material but given the falcons board to bowl material and what not you know i still don't change in live prediction i have the patriots when i haven't when i'm big but it from the falcons i'm going in in this game and that the one thing i don't blame but i'm the scenes or at least but not one some big screen the quote sprinted out as much i was bennett talking about how he's not going to make the trip to the white ouch probably what he said he probably won't make the trip to the white house most likely won't make the trip the patriots.

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