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In daytime hours to to complain about lack of catering and m i made i told him this breaking story and i said and if you don't provide us with some decent catering in the middle of the night you won't have a happy newsroom and he looked at me and he said that's the last thing i want it was the only competition arkham arkhan offer is is is having is my recollections of the officers of melody mike avi he now demonised roll weekly which was a wonderful place to work at the time absolutely enormous fun but obviously when i think of it now my recollections of a sort of a cross between a halfway house zoo some description it should really never been allowed on forest safety grounds if nothing else if if we have to do we have time for one more very very quickly before the journalist i've had a summit job working as a delivery driver through a wholesale kenny pharmaceutucal company and my first day i said where do we go for lunch and the blokes had a show you we will to the back of the warehouse sat on some opec in cases and said did you bring your sandwiches i want i was my nighttime representative sebastian volga and i've or gave with thank you both very much that is all for today's edition of dorje house there is produced by henry sheridan research brought fernando gestapo checker and jonathan whitfield as judy manage was karen banerjee music next at nineteen hundred andrew talk with your stand back with more on the day's big stories on the daily at twenty two hundred dory house returns tomorrow it 1800 london tom for now i'm andrew miller thanks for listening.

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