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Now Here's Bill Handel is a Tuesday, July 7th morning, everybody handle and the morning crew before we get into late edition. We have, or I haven't instagram up. And this one's a lot of fun. Remember when the toilet paper shortage hit right at the beginning of the virus, and I ordered toilet paper from every source I could. I went on the net and a lot of it was from China, and I've already shared some of the fun stories and put him up on the instagram. I think this is the last batch that came in. Yesterday. I ordered in April. No. March is when I ordered this, and so there's an instagram up regarding my toilet paper. I have this thing about toilet paper, you know, said during you know the virus, apparently so well, I mean, look at this. Ah, you you can live without Lysol. You can live without bottled water. If you have to, You know, I mean, it doesn't taste great, but it is perfectly safe, very hard to live without toilet paper. There's only so many single dollar bills in this world that you can get the bank and at the stores. Okay, let's move on. That's at Bill handles show. I I just watched it What's troubling is actually not troubling, just kind of fun. It's just weird. Yeah, it is weird. Very weird at Bill Handel Show. All right, let's do it handle on the news. Late Edition, Jennifer Wayne and me lead story..

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