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Yeah. Eleven to four one. And then okay. So you're four original wolves coaches, this is wrong. But I'm seeing a color association because he coached the grizzlies Brian winters. No, no. But there's two guys have the same name. First name and starts with a B. Brian. Nope. Billy. What's not Billy? But still. Muscleman? Yes, I coach in franchise history. Bill muscleman ice build poll coach he'd be great on the. Then there was another guy. He also has a first name for last name Bill something. It's a Elsa starts with a B. I don't remember this guy at all. So this Radley. Bill player. That's correct. I'm looking at it. Cheating. No one's gonna knows. I think it's fine to say the other to get the one. He's in assistant coach I believe right now with the pistons. Oh, I think he's got a same name as a prominent ESPN writer basketball writer Ramona Shelburne, no no Sidney load. Professor. And the second coach franchise history from ninety one to ninety three you went twenty one in ninety. So he's almost got. Well, he does have the worst winning percentage in franchise history. I don't remember them. I don't even know what he looks like. But he's got a real name. He's got a name that his initials are JR and his first name is guy that was just treated from the wolves this season. Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Rutland Jimmy Jimmy from the Celtics guy. Jimmy, maybe Jimmy Rogers. Jimmy Rogers says the big Whitehead guy is that that we get card once or something probably. Yeah. So there you go. Yeah. Couple bills Sydney and Jimmy. And then you guys went ran off a lot of those prominent once in the nineties into the two thousand or two thousand good stuff guys. Let's end this bad boy's from rapid fire. Guys back in November, sir. Robert Covington found out he was being traded to the wolves on social media. He was just killing time scrolling on his phone, and he saw his name in a link, and clicked it quote found out on social media. He said it was like five minutes before a team meeting. Damn. What's the weirdest way you've received big news? Matt this might not sound that weird now, but blew my mind at the time fourteen years ago, I was in China traveling around I guess known get in touch with me, and I logged onto the internet at the airport, and I log onto Facebook. And I was like, oh, my sister's engaged. Wow. It was sort of like the first. It was the first time that anyone had ever found anything. Back on Facebook used to bring us together. You know, it was just our friends and as friends, but then it started growing, and then Cambridge Analytica came and then they stole all our data. And then they read all our messages. Your facebook. Actually, I'm I'm working for Cambridge Analytica right now wasn't that thirteen years ago who sex doesn't six how do, you know, China many summers? Consume Chinese shows. Cool wish I could. Well, similar to Matt actually one sunny Sunday afternoon in London. I went into a foreign bucks to speak to my girlfriend with a phone cut. And I came at engaged to. I proposed over the phone that she said yes shocked just for the moment. Found out when I'm set. It didn't I I wasn't expecting to go in there. And basically come out knowing that I was getting married, and I was moving to Toronto you thought she say, no. Let me. I thought I'm taking a fly here. But I thought, you know, the relationships this no point living on two continents. Joining get mashed. Sure. Romance. Find out when you said it. Yeah. When I say that..

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