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Hi Tony crime spree coming to an abrupt ends on Friday morning forty four year old Brandon Carter according to police set fire to a home he lived with his mother and seamen where a body was found try to adopt a female gas station clerk who he would later sued in the back wounding filling a delivery driver at that station robbing another gas station across the street before the police on a chase from Adams County into Pike County where spike strips because his vehicle to go off the road Carter within shooting kill himself the woman Carter shot was said to be in stable condition Friday night I'm Sean Gallagher more issues coming down involving Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson's family this time his sixteen year old great grandson who has been charged with participating in gang activity Jackson's great grandson was one of three juveniles and three adults charged for activity observed by investigators between last new year's eve in July seventeenth the mother of Jackson's great grandson lives on east thirty ninth street mayor Jackson lives on east thirty eight that's where his grandson twenty two year old Frank Q. Jackson also lives he was recently indicted for allegedly beating his team girlfriend rob Bailey reporting to little police to bucking a viral Facebook post alleging a kidnapping Toledo police are asking that people be careful what they share online a Facebook post from someone claiming that a person tried to steal their baby at the Toledo zoo went viral Toledo police on Facebook and Twitter say that post was completely false and fabricated and if the person who wrote it would have filed an actual police report they'd be facing criminal charges now I'm Jack Crumley in king's island will shut down its vortex roller coaster next month officials say when it opened in nineteen eighty seven the coaster was the tallest and fastest full circuit wide in the world but six loops its last day will be October twenty seventh the muezzin park is currently building a new roller coaster after also retiring the fire hawk this past year I'm Kyle Cornell. news stories at the top and bottom of the hour this is. news radio. WTVN compassion.

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