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Entirely new system that wouldn't just prevent world wars but would ensure a lasting peace roosevelt new that stable global financial system financial systems were critical so he tasked his treasury secretary at the time in henry morgenthau to design the treasury department's plan for a fund to oversee global financial stability and a bank to support reconstruction and development was the for what became the imf and the world bank group in the summer of 1945 a four in the mount washington resort in in in bretton woods a group of people met and at that time the allied forces were were were fighting in normandy and and so the remarkable thing about the bretton woods conference it happened while the war was still going on china had center representative course that the uk under leadership of john maynard keynes and henry morgenthau with leaders but the forty four nations that attended spoke about the most critical issues with secretary morgan that opened the conference he said that the goal was to create and i quote him a dynamic world economy in which the people of every nation will be able to realise their potentialities in peace to raise their own standards of living in enjoy increasingly the fruits of material progress for freedom of opportunity is the foundation for all other freedoms for the past seventy here's up that world order the united nations nato the world trade organization the imf the world bank group oecd has helped ensure relative peace and stability and from the very beginning the mission of the world bank group has been to help ensure.

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