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Breakfast by march twenty nineteen but if you won't do what you signed up to do on the border in december the eu was able to transitions often anti this is unequivocally how his result but i think the beacon question is the expectation is inset timber the euro the cabinet will go and not having to go to check as again to discuss how they respond to be eu demanding more concessions and i think the problem is but what the eu might demont might remove the fig leaves the the brexit here's a carney heidi by model go on more yesterday and he was old yeah parliament has to approve every change so parliament can choose when it's not worth doing this kind of the classic we've taken back control we're just choosing not to exercise argument if you'd mortals i'm going to autumn attack auto martissant for that that you know very some mechanism in this just happens it was magically ben only think it becomes much more difficult for the breakfast is defend this stuff i mean this is this is what is gonna what he's getting so fraud so katie and now that reza me is rubbed out some of her red lines are we seeing new ones being drawn by the brexit years for example that parliaments must be able to vote on any new regulation on goods the eu that there is no freedom of movement between britain and the eu and that these red lines will be the next ones to be under assault in the negotiations of michel barnier and if they're crossed these red lines and not anything released week might lead to more resignations yes and i did think watching michael graves the parents on the andrew maher show at yesterday that he was laying them out so clearly it was going to be incredibly hard for him to stay in that position stay in the cabinet if to raise my starts to rupp those at t so it did seem that it's going to be something that will come up and it will be very hard for those cabinet brexit the stay in post i also think there's a slight tactical issue number ten need to confront aside from whether or not she survives the confidence vote which seems like she probably will even now which is who are they expected to vote for this brexit because if the forty eight years skeptic nbc fire of letters say the decide that they didn't like and right now they've decided it's west of both worlds so it's going to take something quite dressed it when the background yet we think it's going to be able to dan they have to appeal to labor mp's labor leaders probably will take the same view as some of the conservative brexit is because gavin bar this afternoon to look into labor mp's and lived mp's about why the steelers ak even smp mb's they are gonna want an even softer brexit so it seems to me that she either has to completely change tack and make it a much harder brexit or she's going to have to make it so soft that you get people in the snp lived and labor to come round because the cool ister mp's he probably the least attached to the then are going to help to raise make ideal for they want to bring about an early election and get jeremy kuban into number ten i think actually that's biggest problem right now so gyms if she's going to have a few dozen maybe three dozen rebels maturity that benchers she would need a lot more rebels labour benches nominee live them's left nowadays think about labor in trying to to bank this what do you think the labor party is like because sure the corporate news says will want to do anything that's more likely to have a general election more likely to put them there manage number ten do you think that's kevin bar will will succeed in managing to sign up some labor mp's to theresa may's calls so he'll be visiting labor mp's ebay expected to back of on syria edgy moderate labour mp's you don't they going to have much of a career left on the jeremy corbyn and so might do the kind of inverted commas the right thing and prime minister in.

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