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Fast food company that was able to track that that that their ads were driving it was costing them only twenty three cents per visitor to their to their restaurants through Youtube Advertising Isaac so then once you know that they're generating more than twenty three cents the revenue for visitor. You know that you WanNa do that quite a bit so that kind of stuff to me is the most important Patrick but yes everyone has has different metrics clicks fuse that they find important but usually the business results are the are the most important and and and Matt. I wanted to ask I imagining since picks ability handles all these different platforms that you have some sort of interoperability between in all the platforms is that correct is there's is there something like that yes so our ability one platform can plug into these other platforms forms we have partnerships with Youtube and facebook instagram and with Amazon and other connected TV partners so that we can plug into their platforms and pull data and run campaigns just from one single platform on their native platforms. Wow that's amazing well duffy. I WanNa thank you for chatting with us today. How can people find out more about you and picks ability and the two thousand nineteen state of digital video report they love the enthusiasm that's so they can come to our site picks -bility dot com where they can find the state of digital report in our insights in reports section they also feel free to Lincoln with me on linked in if you have any questions about pigs ability but we'd love to hear from folks and a aw love people to check out our strategy report fantastic thank you Matt Duffy for being on the show. Thanks so much Dane Talk to you soon. Okay and and people will be able to find this episode by searching for Hey and Matt Duffy picks ability my name's Dean Golden..

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