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Strub yours over time. Howie Carr show. But this idea that news coverage of Trump is is negative to negative where does the truth lie. I disagree wholeheartedly with that the networks super fused turn over the airwaves. Donald Trump tonight. There should be. I don't know a delay of some sort. I wouldn't put this on life. I would let him give the address and I look at it. And find out what's true. What's not? My opinion needs to Tyron the truth and have a delay. So that they can say the truth. They can say the truth we can monitor what the president is saying. And then if it's news worthy if they're taking questions about a topic. That's important then we can get to that topic. But if it's a political stunt, why do we even have to do it and explosive you on the American people to propaganda propaganda? Gimme the text to move ass. Let us decide an advanced. What's true? What's not let us decide. Let us decide in advance. What's true? What's not? It censor it from the Matthews brothers studios to call that out accurately is to end up with the body of coverage that is unusually negative, but it is absolutely appropriate to the man in a situation at half so negative but accurate. I haven't heard about the caravan of you heard about the caravan will, you know, why you don't anymore because it never existed favor for soccer. They played for fools. And I know that makes you angry. I'm sure. I was removed as the chief your moved by home by the criminalization. So you're taking out at your job by Donald Trump. You're here to tell us that a wall makes sense. Anyway, correct. That's right. The president is right. The other day when they have the national press conference, and they got up, and they said the wall works there. Right. And it's not based on a personal political ideology. That's based on historical data and facts that can be proven swabs Jackson moon, bats, beware. How a car? Eight four.

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