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Prosecutors just say well we've got a convict somebody and why not go with these two i got one better than that and this goes back to my like better better headlines harry connick when he was a prosecutor in louisiana the father harry connick junior yeah he was running i think he's going to run for governor or the senate or something like that and he had this big murder case so what they did was they arrested this guy and they got the guy on the head the guy for a burglary and they just tried to pin the murder on him so they stacked it up they convicted him of the armed burglary so that when they can so when they were able to convict him of the murder they could get a death penalty and that would get him bigger headlines you know armed robbery headlines than dangerous mult repeat repeat armed violent offender taken off the streets kind of thing well it turns out there was blood evidence literal dna that would exonerate the defendant and conic head that evidence from the prosecutors from the defense from the defense and when it came out the day that he was supposed to be executed he beat them in court and our supreme court the united states supreme court decided that he didn't deserve any money from the state of louisiana at all your calls and thoughts welcome eight hundred fifty five four fifty free that's eight five five four five zero three seven three three what are your thoughts on capital punishment compelled speech or whatever i got my blink home security system delivered right to my door download the app and it walked me right through the easy setup even with my complicated router system.

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