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Senate house and governors races. Plus countless local races and nowhere is the name Trump on the ballot. But in reality, it is as we hear from CBS news correspondent Steve Futterman. This is the Futterman in Washington. The biggest prize up for grabs today could be the house of representatives most political experts. Give Democrats have very good chance to take control. If that happens, it would dramatically change the landscape here in Washington taking away the house Senate White House stranglehold currently enjoyed by Republicans many believe the key factor in many races will be suburban women and young voters. The polls are open here in New York until nine o'clock tonight, New Jersey and Connecticut voters have until eight o'clock CBS political correspondent Ed O'Keefe says we should know sometime before midnight. If the so-called Blue Wave is big enough to give Democrats control of the House Democrats, keep telling us. They have multiple ways to net the twenty three seats that they need to retake the majority's you can look at a few early states and get a sense of where they might do quite well, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey all three of those if they win a majority of the competitive races in those states there about halfway to the Twenty-three before ten pm eastern tonight one of the ugliest races on this election day is the one in New Jersey for the Senate seat held by Bob Menendez. He's seeking a third term while battling a barrage of negative ads from his Republican challenger Bob HOGAN, WCBS reporter Marla diamond is in Harrison where Menendez voted this morning. Menendez waited in a short blind around seven in the morning to cast his vote in a nasty race with retired for suitable executive Bob you get online.

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