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Use. Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Spear. Donald Trump remains banned from Facebook. NPR Shannon Bond reports. The Social Networks oversight Board says the company has six months to decide whether to let the former president back on or make the band permanent. Facebook's oversight Board, which reviews difficult content decisions, says the social network was justified when it's suspended Donald Trump's account after the Capitol insurrection. But the board slammed Facebook for not setting a time limit on the suspension, calling that a quote vague standard this penalty, Facebook now has six months to either restore Trump's account, suspend him for a specific period of time or banned him permanently. Oversight board accused the company of trying to avoid responsibility for his decision. Facebook, which is among MPR's financial supporters, says it will follow the board's ruling and determine a quote, clear and proportionate action on Trump's account. Shannon Bond. NPR NEWS president bind today used to visit to a Mexican restaurant in Washington, D C to highlight his administration's $28.6 billion program. Help eateries adversely affected by the Corona virus pandemic. The restaurant, partly owned by Mexican immigrants, was a beneficiary of a pilot version of the restaurant relief program. Aid for eateries is part of the administration's $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, which by and also touted at the White House today. Kind of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, says the country could turn the corner on the Corona virus pandemic. This summer member station W. A. B in Atlanta, Sam Whitehead reports doctor We Shall. Wolinsky cited a new report from her agency predicting a notable declining infections within just a few months. Models in the report projected a sharp drop in Corona virus cases by July, with high vaccination coverage and moderate adherence to measures such as masking. Dr Rochelle Walensky is encouraged by the findings. The results remind us that we have the path out of this and models once projecting really grim news now offer reasons to be quite hopeful for what the summer may bring. Wolinsky says. Many states are still at risk for increases and coded 19 cases if vaccination rates don't increase in states rollback public health strategies. The CDC says Nearly one third of Americans are fully vaccinated, but some parts of the country have lower rates of inoculation for NPR news. I'm Sam Whitehead in Atlanta. Large swaths of the South continue to be battered by bad weather, with storm spawning tornadoes, prompting flash flood emergency in Alabama and damaging homes from Texas to Virginia. Cruiser, preparing to clean up debris and assessing the damage to buildings and surrounding areas. National Weather Service's Prediction Center warned today. Flash flooding could affect the central Gulf Coast of storms Move southeast today. Rebounded. Tech sector companies gave Wall Street a slight live. Though the market was still mixed. The Dow was up 97 points, but the NASDAQ closed down 51 points today. You're listening to NPR. 57 degrees at 504. I know the Laura with.

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